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  2. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    Frostbite engine is in same age as NHL09. They are released in same year - 2008. If EA Sports want it, they will released new hockey many years ago. There is always chance and we can see new hockey on PC, but this chance is very tiny, especially from EA Sports.
  3. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    Lots of people argue with Frostbite engine. Frosbite is newly created EA engine for their new games and they says that porting to PC is a lot more easier now. Also with PC Market. In the last 8 years the PC market has changed drastically. When EA released NHL 09 in 2008, Origin, their own digital distribution platform did not even exist. Steam was just starting to gain..steam. Today, the PC Market has exploded. Steam is a major player in the gaming market and has over 125 million users. So, there is a hope.
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  5. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    I understand you Kane but I still do not believe that they would release new version for PC. But I would like to be wrong. If it would be possible I will be very glad to continue editing rosters for new NHL on PC. I believe that also all creators would like to work on new addons for new game. We will see.
  6. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    I hope you will be creating Elite Addons update on NHL 19 for PC because I have a feeling that this is our year and EA will announce NHL for PC. In fact, if NHL 19 will be released for PC, we will only win on 50% because: -Ads , EA added on ices, boards and arenas only their ads like their logo and hockey brands -Goal horns + authentic songs -Cyberfaces are joke, when I saw Jagr in NHL 17 , I didn't think at all that it is Jagr -Missing facepacks -IIHF (big facepalm) : shitty jerseys (with flags on chest), bad arena, bad ice -Absence of KHL
  7. Фейспаки

    Загрузил фото для созданного игрока,в меню все отображается нормально,но играя матч,после какого-то результативного действия-фото игрока не отображается,вместо этого просто черный силуэт(как при отсутствии фото).А если загрузить это же фото существующему изначально игроку(условному Гетцлафу),то в матче отображается это фото,и все отлично,никаких проблем. Кто-то знает как исправить эту проблему? Заранее спасибо.
  8. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    No I dont, because I am about to start working on IIHF WC 2018 and I have to figured out how to combine it to be playable OG and IIHF tournament together. Also I just want to infrom that IIHF WC will be the last update for current season. New ideas and new features will come to season 2018-2019.
  9. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    @VojghiV Hey will you be changing the strings to represent the Olympics instead of IIHF?
  10. Work's by Demoul

    Просто одна нашивка на форме использовалась до матча звёзд, а другая после.
  11. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    Hi I would like to but there are not complete. So when they are I will add them.
  12. Work's by Demoul

    Почему так категорично? У них и такая тоже выездная:
  13. Work's by Demoul

    На выездной форме эмблема на груди,такакя же как на домашней.
  14. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    Hi Vojghi, Can u pls update the goalies to have olympic equipment? Thanks
  15. Works by Totty

    I'll try to help and I know that you are not impatient and totally can understand your decision. Maybe you should ask as NHL2004 to as Trent is from Finland and there some Finns over there. Don't get worried about Xiri. Ich kann dich verstehen - auf Xiri warten wir nun schon ewig und er lässt nichts von sich hören. Ich würde in deinem Thread im NHL2004 Forum nachhaken und mir keine Sorgen wegen Xiri machen.
  16. Addons Юрий5000.

    Norfolk Admirals Fantasy
  17. Works by Totty

    search Logo's ... or what is written there... HIFK Ice 2018 Скрыть
  18. Вчера
  19. Addons Юрий5000.

    Приветствую! Сделайте пожалуйста шлем в стиле СССР с Леонидом Брежневым! Заранее благодарю!
  20. Addons Юрий5000.

    HC Ceske Budejovice Fantasy
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  22. Works by Totty

    Re-working the old texture. Once the base texture is done, it will be easy moving forward. Just need to pick the last faces. Since the crowd texture is done, motivation is higher to finish this :)
  23. Works by Totty

    Fischtown Pinguins Fans... Thanks @ senators96 ... I added scarf ... Eisbären Berlin Fans...
  24. Works by Totty

    Great! Can you show some preview?
  25. Works by Totty

    With South Korea updated, the new crowd faces can finally be included. Great.
  26. Works by Totty

    Fischtown Pinguins Fans...
  27. МОД 1950-1951

    Это много! А на чем ещё делать модификации? Более пригодной игры наверно нет. Или я чего-то не знаю?
  28. МОД 1950-1951

    В этом году игре исполнится 10 лет!
  29. МОД 1950-1951

    Спасибо большое, Антон! А что это значит - старья? Вроде нет более новой игры на РС?
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