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    Works by Totty

    can you stop now ...
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    Addons by Tyson12

    Flueler and Stephan should be included in Elite Addons already. They weren't made by me. I might create Gilles and JVP. Let's see what happens :)
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    Версия 1.0.0

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    DT - Helmet Chooser This mod allows you to have helmeted and non-helmeted players all at once. If a player is setup to have a visor with NHLView, he will have a helmet in the game. If a player is setup without a visor, he will not have a helmet in the game. Notes: - Players with a helmet, will have whichever helmet they have been given with NHLView. - Players with a helmet will not have a visor. - I've included an option to let you choose whether goalies have their masks or not. - I've also included an option to let you switch easily between having helmets and not having helmets. Install Instructions: 1. Install the High Detail In-Game Models (included) if you haven't already. All credits to bcrt2000 for the batch file. 2. Run 'Helmet_Chooser.bat' and choose one of the three options. Enjoy! Author: DT77
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    Hygiene Salubrite

    Works by Totty

    Växjo Lakers ? http://www.vaxjolakers.se/lag/fe02-fe02mf1FN__vaxjo-lakers/roster