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  1. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    to zMaker: Can you upload jerseys in two versions? With sponsors and without sponsors... Please. Thanks ;)
  2. Download link, PLEASE. Thank you !
  3. Work's by DenisJulia

    Denis сделай пожалуйста торфы
  4. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    Your work is really excellent! Will you keep on creating of previous IIHF jerseys of the period 1995 - 2005 ? Your jerseys are the best I have ever seen, although you didn´t make Canada 2002, Czech Rep. 1998 for example ...
  5. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    Can you do the Torfs please ? THANKS
  6. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    Can you do the Torfs please ? THANKS
  7. Работы от Andrei4589

    Fantastic work ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! Спасибо ;)
  8. Работы от Andrei4589

    Hi Andrei Is there any chance you can make a torfs for this three zMaker's jerseys? It's my first and last request. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE !!!
  9. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    Пожалуйста Канада 2002 США 2002
  10. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    Awesome Спасибо zMaker
  11. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    Amazing work !!! Пожалуйста - Словакия 2002-2004
  12. Работы от Andrei4589

    Hi Andrei, can you make torf for this jersey please? пожалуйста !