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  1. I understand.  But, how are you compensating the games for the Knights?  I have made my own schedules before.  It gives me 1231 games in NHL View.  But, you may have to lower the game total to 78 games each.  To make it work.  Or you are going to have a lopsided schedule.  Each team in the Pacific (8 teams) will play 7 games against each other.  But, if you remove the Knights then each team in the Pacific will play 6 games like last year.  See sir.  If you could let me know how you do it then I can help you compensate the remaining games and all 30 teams will have 82 games.  Here is my created season.  Check it out.  I took out the All-Star Teams and replace them with the Vegas Golden Knights.   It worked but, only 1230 games can be registered.  In order to compensate the 1274 games.  Pretty cool huh.  Thanks if you need my help let me know.



    2017_2018 NHL Schedule.cld

    1. Pavel69


      привет а как ставить это куда