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  1. Addons by Tyson12

    Can u pls re-do and add Hellberg? Thank u very much and Maybe Pavol Rybar of Slovakia?
  2. Addons by Tyson12

    Thanks Tyson, I can't find Hellber anywhere
  3. Addons by Tyson12

    Hi Tyson, could u pls do Marek Ciliak, Ville Husso, Magnus Hellberg? All goalies. Thanks.
  4. Addons Юрий5000.

    Thank you, could u pls do San Antonio? Thanks
  5. Kometa Brno mask pls? Marek ciliak
  6. Addons Юрий5000.

    Pls Kometa Brno Mask Marek Ciliak
  7. IIHF WC 2018 MOD. Разработка

    Do you plan to make the IIHF goalies as well?
  8. Addons Юрий5000.

    Can u pls make Mask of Magnus Helllberg and Filip Gustavsson? Or a Sweden fantasy mask? Belleville AHL fantasy mask?
  9. Addons Юрий5000.

    Can u pls make a Sweden Fantasy Mask?
  10. Addons Юрий5000.

    Hi, can u pls make Patrik Bartosak and Pavel Francouz? Thanks
  11. Hi Kane, looking forward to all the finished OG jerseys soon.

  12. Works by Kane98

    Hi Kane, will u also update the goalie olympics helms and equipment on wasserlasser? Some do not work, Thanks