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  1. киберы IIHF

    What a job!
  2. киберы IIHF

    Senators96: He already caught it.
  3. киберы IIHF

    AWESOME, thank you.
  4. киберы IIHF

    Has ID 11268
  5. Work by Spidey and Zidane110

    Great to see guys you are back again. Hope you will continue in your work also for season 19-20. 100% real masks as always:)
  6. Masks from j4mpp4

  7. Facepack

    Good work
  8. киберы IIHF

    Could you make please Jan Kovar (CZE) and Matus Sukel (SVK) ? Thanks
  9. киберы IIHF

    Thanks for new faces!
  10. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    Please Czech Republic jerseys with new logo. thx
  11. Works by Totty

    thank you
  12. Works by Totty

    great job on czech TELH ices I aprecciate it Totty. Little detail: 02TVsport logo on the above of the generali logo is turned oppposite ( has same rotation as Ceska televize logo).
  13. Work's by DenisJulia

    Any download links for menu jerseys?
  14. Work's by DenisJulia

    Will you make also these jerseys into the game? Czech Rep. and Finland have completely new jerseys.