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  1. Work's by DenisJulia

    Any download links for menu jerseys?
  2. Work's by DenisJulia

    Will you make also these jerseys into the game? Czech Rep. and Finland have completely new jerseys.
  3. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    THIS SHOULD BE NEW CZECH JERSEYS ? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME ? THIS SHIT? DONT HAVE WORDS. sorry for my language in pp, but i dont like this jersey!
  4. Work's by Demoul

    On Belarus IIHF jersy you missed NIKE logo on top...otherwise stunning job
  5. Serge:66: Can you release the IIHF 2018 arena?
  6. Works by Kane98

    Thank you for czech jerseys, awesome.
  7. Works by Kane98

    Great olympic jerseys, texture, design, thank you. Please Czech Republic if is in your plan.
  8. Work's by Demoul

    Dem could you add on sleeves "100 years" logo?
  9. Jerseys NHL season 2017-18

    Is someone working on jerseys?