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Tyson12 стал победителем дня 21 декабря 2017

Tyson12 имел наиболее популярный контент!

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  1. Addons by Tyson12

    You have to import manually. CHOICE doesn't work on Windows 8/10.
  2. Addons by Tyson12

    I'll upload it later. An attempt to create Yanni Gourde (Tampa Bay Lightning) - not completely satisfied with the .ebo
  3. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    The PBP value 6825 is empty. You can preview the audio in NHLView.
  4. Addons by Tyson12

    I'm using DT's helmet chooser.
  5. Addons by Tyson12

    Anton Forsberg (Chicago Blackhawks) available in the download section
  6. View File NHL 2017-18 Anton Forsberg (Chicago Blackhawks) Cyberface of Anton Forsberg (Chicago Blackhawks). Gear is from the NHL Goalie Super Pack (thanks for the gear). Submitter Tyson12 Submitted 01/16/2018 Category Faces  
  7. NHL 2017-18 Anton Forsberg (Chicago Blackhawks)

    Версия 1.0.0

    20 раз скачали

    Cyberface of Anton Forsberg (Chicago Blackhawks). Gear is from the NHL Goalie Super Pack (thanks for the gear).
  8. Addons by Tyson12

    These? Currently finishing up a few cybers for the NHL. When I got time, I'll get around to it.
  9. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    Mora IK (SHL) has fired its coach and assistant coach and appointed two new coaches, who will share the responsibility. Johan Rosén and Daniel Hermansson. Johan Rosén already has a cyberface from NHL2005 (faceID 4544). To keep things simple, just use Rosén.
  10. Addons by Tyson12

    Maybe tomorrow. Need to finish the texture. Here's a small preview:
  11. Addons by Tyson12

    One of various attempts to create a cyberface for Alexander Nylander (Buffalo Sabres) w.i.p.
  12. Addons by Tyson12

    Sebastian Dahm (Iserlohn Roosters/Denmark) w.i.p. First succesful attempt at ebo editing :D
  13. Addons by Tyson12

    Haydn Fleury (Carolina Hurricanes) w.i.p.