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Tyson12 стал победителем дня 23 февраля

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  1. Work's by Demoul

    Great work Demoul! :) Would've liked a "Thanks to Tyson12 for providing photos", nonetheless as long as it gets the work done, I'm cool with it :)
  2. Addons by Tyson12

    Received a PM about Joel Armia, so here is the re-worked w.i.p. Joel Armia (Winnipeg Jets) with HQ photo from Yahoo. Eyes will take some time to fix and possible .ebo edits as well. I'm busy currently, but when I get time I'll finish it.
  3. Work's by Demoul

    HQ photos of. I have another source that might be helpful;) For some reason the first sentence is cut!? Anyway, let me know which teams you need pictures of.
  4. Addons by Tyson12

    Madison Bowey (Washington Capitals) right side: after .ebo edit. Left side: before .ebo edit. Latest version. The parts circled in red are causing a minor headache, but it's a learning process ;) If I knew exactly which vertices to move to fix those parts, it was ready for release.
  5. Addons by Tyson12

    One of the most difficult cybers to find a good .ebo for and one of the most requested. I have no idea how it looks ingame yet and I suppose it's either a hit or miss/needs .ebo editing. Anyway, here is the initial NEBOViewer version. Philipp Grubauer (Washington Capitals)
  6. View File NHL2017-18 Bob Boughner (Florida Panthers) Cyberface of Bob Boughner (Head coach of the Florida Panthers) Submitter Tyson12 Submitted 02/24/2018 Category Faces  
  7. NHL2017-18 Bob Boughner (Florida Panthers)

    Версия 1.0.0

    49 раз скачали

    Cyberface of Bob Boughner (Head coach of the Florida Panthers)
  8. Addons by Tyson12

    A.J. Greer (Colorado Avalanche) ingame test
  9. Addons by Tyson12

    Bob Boughner (Head coach of Florida Panthers).
  10. View File NHL 2017-18 - Jesse Puljujärvi (Edmonton Oilers) Cyberface of Jesse Puljujärvi (Edmonton Oilers) *re-uploaded to be included in ELITE ADDONS* Submitter Tyson12 Submitted 02/23/2018 Category Faces  
  11. NHL 2017-18 - Jesse Puljujärvi (Edmonton Oilers)

    Версия 1.0.0

    40 раз скачали

    Cyberface of Jesse Puljujärvi (Edmonton Oilers) *re-uploaded to be included in ELITE ADDONS*
  12. Works by senators96

    @senators96 Very nice and great attention to details! @stlouis26 Congratulations on reaching the final.
  13. Addons by Tyson12

    I've compiled a list of missing cybers/cybers that needs an update in the NHL and collected the player photos. Going to practice .ebo editing and possibly upload a list of "ebo codes" for (each) model. Julius Bergman (San Jose Sharks) test
  14. Works by senators96

    I'm working on a facepack for South Korea using the photos from the Olympic Games. In terms of cyberfaces, there's almost an entire team to create, however, keep an eye out during the next months.