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  1. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    Hi all, First of all thank you for the good work you are doing, the mod is amazing. I just have a little problem (and i hope it's the right place to ask, not so easy to navigate this site as I don't speak any russian, but anyway): I installed all the addons in the right order, always following carefully the 'Instructions.txt', this is not so hard. Everything seems fine... However, when I play a game I don't get the overlays displayed, I mean the boxes where it shows the name of player has only text, no player picture and also the scoreclock is invisible (I can only see the text of goals and time). What could be the issue ??? I tried to reinstall the '4. PROJECT INTERFACE' (and yes, I did run BhImport17.bat!) but it doesn't work. Could you please help me? Thank you in advance