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  1. Hi,

    I updated your list a lot when you were retired. Removed tons of doubles, deceased players, spelling mistakes and added some recent signings.

    Could it be possible you could use that list as a base for your next updates?

    There are already many CF's and photopacks made with my assigned numbers so this should be done asap to avoid a total mess.

    I will not make any further updates so I hope you understand the situation.



  2. LIIGA_JOK_Ice_2018

    The logo is not correct, this is Vaasan Sport logo.
  3. Addons by Tyson12

    You can add Brind'Amour by changing Carolina's coach cyberface ID to 82 with NHLview. Of course, it's old cf but until someone updates it, better than nothing.
  4. Addons by Tyson12

    Amazing cybers. Nice to see one of the "old" Masters still going strong ;) Could you please make Anthony Cirelli? No-one has made his cyber yet.