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  1. Jumpy stuttering gameplay

    Yeah, I hear ya. I'm not sure, but I'll try to do an update next time I'm in the Windows 7 part of my dualboot where I play 09.
  2. Jumpy stuttering gameplay

    I've just done an entire reinstall from scratch. Not only a fresh NHL09 install but after having just reinstalled Windows. So everything is perfectly clean. Stopped to try a few things along the way to see how they were installing to test things. This stutter has always been there even with the unmodded game. This is obviously more a graphics issue or graphics settings issue.
  3. Jumpy stuttering gameplay

    Nope. On a more than sufficient desktop. All my other PC EA Sports games from then and earlier work fine. It's this weird stutter, it's not slowing down or speeding up but it's like it's skipping frames. Or struggling to smoothly draw the movements on the screen.
  4. Jumpy stuttering gameplay

    Does anyone happen to know why this may be happening? The gameplay is a little jumpy, it stutters a bit. It's not slow, it's just choppy and not very fluid. I have more than enough video specs to run this game but it really suffers badly from this. Can anyone recommend anything?
  5. 2017-18 season

    I imagine that there probably is no modification that permits all 31 NHL teams to play in a season, correct? Because the game simply doesn't permit thatm any teams? Thanks!