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  1. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    Your Elite NHL mod and rosters are pretty much the best I've ever seen for any version of any hockey game. So excited to finally play this. You really do incredible work. I'm glad we will still have the option to sub Vegas into the NHL in place of another team. I don't even care about realignment, that's how good it plays.
  2. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    Fantastic, thanks!
  3. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    So, what was the result of the survey? Very curious.
  4. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    Very curious about the results of the poll! Looking forward to it.
  5. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    This is also what I was first suggesting.
  6. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    Yes, but my point is, if you offer Vegas as an extra team, you are concerned about Vegas not having the right schedule if someone imports them in place of any other. LA, St Louis, San Jose, whatever. But, what I'm saying to you is that there is no point in being concerned about that because NONE of the teams have "correct" schedules anyway. So why not just offer the team as an extra on some other league for people to replace as they wish rather than deciding which team has to go NOW. Make a roster file with the extra Vegas elsewhere and let people decide. Anyway, just an idea. :) Thanks for all the work. Your roster and add-ons are incredible and much better than the other versions I've seen. Fantastic work.
  7. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    Understood. To me, just to give another opinion, Vegas not having the correct schedule but playing the correct balance of Western Conference teams would be more important than them necessarily having the exact schedule. How do you mean 'correct schedules'? With NHL09 having different conferences, different divisions, and teams like Detroit and Columbus in the West, none of the teams have correct schedules anyway. At least not 2017-18 ones. So why does it matter if Vegas is wrong? At least they'll play a Western schedule if they're inserted in the West. Or am I missing something?
  8. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    Just out of curiosity, is it not possible to change an extra team from another league into Vegas, and then, while building an NHL season, people can choose to replace any team in the NHL with that Vegas team?
  9. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    One team?! I'd like to see them make one line of players and one goalie. Just that and they'd see. I do it in NHL Legacy for my own teams to play with and it's a lot of work. And that isn't even with artwork.
  10. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    In progress. Ok? For anyone who is going to ask. As of the 17th of November, it is in progress. So there's no need to ask for the millionth time. :)
  11. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    A question about NHL files... It says to set up the Season according to NHLpreview.bmp but there isn't one there. (also *.tou and *toua.tdb aren't in the seasons part of the download as indicated in the instructions. I assume that's because the NHL hasn't been updated yet)
  12. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    Not sure what you mean by "load section" but the NHL is there, it has not yet been fully updated, Vegas or any other team for that matter can be used to play a season but the season can never have more than 30 teams so that means you have to replace another team.
  13. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    Thank you, I'll read up on that. Thanks for the great work. Everything looks great.
  14. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    Cool. I figured it out. I have the pink glass problem so I've downloaded the fixed .big files for that. Connected to my question about using Vegas instead of another team, is it possible to move teams to opposite conferences? Maybe in NHLView?
  15. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    Ah.. ok, I missed that. Ok. Apologies.
  16. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    Just curious, you haven't edited the lines for the NHL, right?
  17. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    Sorry, but can you explain how to install these? I tried putting them in gamedata and running the BAT file but it doesn't work.
  18. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    Personally, I've never seen anything like that in this mod but when I have seen that in other games, if I don't know exactly what might have caused it, I always find it easier to start from scratch with a fresh install of the game. I also, ALWAYS, keep a fresh install on the hdd in case this happens. It's also good for trying other mods or rosters without messing with one that works.
  19. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    Ok, great. :) I just think, honestly -- not to be too philosophical -- that you reach a point after playing sports games for so many years (over 20 years now), when perfection starts to matter less than the game being fun and realistic. Of course, playing with 31 teams would be perfect and wonderful and I'm sure we'll figure it out one day but I'll take 30 teams in an awesome game that plays excellent in exchange for 31 teams in a boring game that isn't of good enough quality just because of hyper-real graphics and bonus features. Bonus features and schedules and uniforms start to matter less when a game feels as weak as recent NHL games feel. And for me, online components actually make the game worse. Online and collecting XP have, in my opinion, ruined sports games. The other thing that I can say is that I've played NHL seasons every year since about 1996 as one team controlling all the league and doing transactions. And I have to tell you honestly, that if I think about it, I couldn't tell you what any team outside of the playoffs ever did in any of those seasons. What I CAN tell you is the hours and hours and days I have spent getting the leagues perfect. You start to wonder, how much that effort is worth it. My new rule last year became this: opening day rosters, doing the major trades in a season, and just GO. I've never had more fun playing seasons by doing this and now I actually finish every season and sometimes I even have time for another. So, I will gladly cut out the Coyotes, replace them with Vegas and play a season like that. This game is too good to not play it. But I guess I will just have to buy NHL18 for my QMJHL team, the Quebec Capitales.
  20. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    I'm sorry if I'm asking a question that's already been asked but I can't find this answer anywhere.. Considering a 31-team league looks very very complicated, is it possible to take all the Elite content, and play a season replacing one team with Vegas and just play a 30-team season? Is that possible without crashes, etc?
  21. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    You don't have to thank US, man. Your work is incredible and makes the game better. We should be thanking YOU. 😀
  22. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    I don't know because I don't play anything but NHL.
  23. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    Ok, good to know. It's the only problem really. Everything else looks great.
  24. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    All the boards at the Air Canada Center are mixed up pieces of different ads. Is that a known issue or did I install it wrong? I'm sure I did every step carefully.
  25. 2017-18 season

    I imagine that there probably is no modification that permits all 31 NHL teams to play in a season, correct? Because the game simply doesn't permit thatm any teams? Thanks!