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Весь контент stlouis26

  1. Работы от Andrei4589

    Lehigh Valley Phantoms (black helmets for the orange and white helmets for the white jerseys) and they have ppl + this "half circle" (from ppl center - their arena) ad on the helmet: On the back (also on white helmet they have left the Canadian and American flag and on the right the AHL logo (I think this a standard for all AHL teams, so you should also do this for the Hartford Wolf Pack helmets) And: They have added their inaugural season patch on dark and white jerseys on left shoulder above the Phantoms logo:
  2. Работы от Andrei4589

    Hartford Wolf Pack have dark blue and white helmets. The have a wolf logo on both side and I did see the Canadian and American flag on it: More to come in about 6-7 hours ....
  3. Работы от Andrei4589

    Great stuff, let me know if you need pictures/infos for remaining teams.
  4. С Днем Рождения!

    HI zMaker, I wish you are great birthday - may your wishes come true. Don't trink too much as your head will have pain tomorrow but I know that Russians can trink a lot :-)
  5. Работы от Andrei4589

    Stunning work on the Wolves jerseys
  6. Работы от Andrei4589

    Great work Andrei - and thx for CCM gloves and pants
  7. Работы от Andrei4589

    Binghamton Senators: M & T Bank San Antonio Rampage: Christus Santa Rosa Health System Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins - no patch on front, but on shoulder: BlueCross of Northeastern Pennsylvania for the logos: for the text: AHL Allstar: right shoulder: left shoulder: front stripe/patch: New York State tool proud sponsor (is also on Utica Comets jersey but in different colours): - sorry could not find a good pic: Hope this will help you a little bit
  8. Работы от Andrei4589

    Perfect work, may Demoul could send you his CCM gloves and CCM pants for the template (but Reebok and Bauer is also ok). Great work.
  9. Работы от Andrei4589

    OK, in about 6-7 hours I will continue (have to work at the moment :-() - will also try to find for the AHL Allstar jerseys (do logo for shoulders for AHL Allstar ?)
  10. Работы от Andrei4589

    Hi Andrei, I hope you mean the patch/stripe like e.g. TF on Adirondack Flames jersey. Milwaukee Admirals:logo of the brewers admirals Wallpaper-RetroLogo-2048x1536.jpg Norfolk Admirals: Liberty Tax Service different colours but it should be easy with your skills: Charlotte Checkers: Novant Health Do you mean that - if so, I hope to find time over the weekend for the other requested teams. Let me know if I did understand you correctly.
  11. Работы от Andrei4589

    Very very good work, Andrei. Do you have plans doing the Allstars jerseys ? If so and you need pictures, then let me know it
  12. Работы от Andrei4589

    Great jerseys - never has seen that Grand Rapids Griffin before - is this fantasy or from actual season or ..... ?
  13. Работы от Andrei4589

    Sorry for the bad quality and wrong colours - both team's stripe/patch is for the same: Team Ferior Sport
  14. SHL arena

    Great job lprow
  15. Кидаем приколы!

    I know. I meant that she is much more pretty than Ms. Merkel :-)
  16. Кидаем приколы!

    She >>> Angela Merkel

    Perfect !! Excellent job
  18. Работы от Andrei4589

    Thanks for your beautiful work Andrei (thx also for AHL patch part I)
  19. Very nice jersey - I don't know this league, but I will inform about it, KHL, VHL, MHL, BHL, .... so many great leagues
  20. Что произошло со

    Well it could happen - not good, but sometimes it happens. But: Great to see the best forum back. Have to learn to handle the new style but I will do.