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Весь контент stlouis26

  1. So awesome zMaker - all teams are done and a special appreciation for the pink one.
  2. Great job and thx for the update. I think SKA and AK Bars are missing - could be have 3 reasons :-) 1. I missed the download 2. They have the same jerseys like last years 3. You had not time for them :-)
  3. Сезон 1949-1950

    Hi Mokrov, thanks for both info and yes I've missed 1948-1949 MOD (download right now).
  4. Сезон 1949-1950

    This will be an amazing mod like 1947/48 + 46/47 - do you have any timeline for the release (no hurry, I'm just curious).
  5. Концепты.

    The blue helmet is the standard, but sometimes they play with yellow helmet as alternate. They call it golden saturday and you can read about it here (they will play all their home game on Saturday with the yellow helmet):
  6. Разговоры или флудилка №1

    @alex78: I can only read your post with GoogleTranslator as I don't speak Russian. I know something about NHL2004 - can you describe in english what you want to change or to do ?
  7. Works by Stamkos91

    I remember how you started and you made a great progress, excellent cybers.
  8. A big thanks for the correction and all the releases - really appreciated (I knew that I will never regret my help).
  9. Stunning work and I like that Jokerit will be ready soon !
  10. Good stuff, just curious why have you move the Fesco ad on Admirals ice (International format near the red point, NHL format away from red point, or described in an other way, international format with bottom line of Sogaz ad, NHL format with top line of Sogaz ad) ?
  11. SHL 2015-16 icepack HD & SD

    Hi lprow, a big thank you from the whole NHL2004 Rebuilt community and I especially from Matteo who adores SHL. He says: Tell him that I love him ! Edit: Don't call me rude, but I think you made a little mistake when creating the packages: HD: Lulea has last year version SD: Vaxjo and Orebro has last year version But I saw that you have done all version so a fix would be great.
  12. KHL icepack 2015-16 (HD&SD)

    I really love it - as you are done with KHL - do you have plans to update SHL ices ? Seems not be so much and I could help with finding graphics,e .g. The have now: instead of Koppaberg on left and right side. No more Oddset ad in the middle circle (you white and red point in the middle) and the blue zone in front of the goals are different what I have seen so far from highlight videos on
  13. KHL icepack 2015-16 (HD&SD)

    Wow - thx for the pack lprow28
  14. Работы от Andrei4589

    :-) I will try to help you again with infos (but season has to start first :-)) You and Demoul will rock NHL, SHL and AHL - would like to see some love for Liiga, too :-)
  15. Киберфейс Третьяка

    He will make everything after you have posted one sentence with correct grammar, Mr. Peat.
  16. Работы от Quckla

    I can't see any lettering.