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Весь контент stlouis26

  1. Работы от Andrei4589

    Large images, Frank - so detailed, so it will be no problem for Andrei to create them (I don't like the design but they have to use Montreal Canadians colours as their new farm team).
  2. Кидаем приколы!

    I hope that Russia will get anyway the WC 2018, but it is time that there will be new leaders in UEFA/FIFA
  3. Congrats for 2nd place Russia and like I said Germany could have stayed home with 0 points.
  4. Russia has good chances to win it as Germany has very good chances to be on last place tomorrow.
  5. С Днем Рождения!

    senators96, I wish you a happy birthday and hope that you had a great day. ALL THE BEST.
  6. Патч Форм IIHF 2015

    Do you mean larger for the shoulder logo ?
  7. Арены

    He needs it for his super mega-mod :-)
  8. I laugh at you Franck because you act like a dictator - do this, do that, make torfs/peat. You should learn to write in a polite way.
  9. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins

    Awesome work Andrei, thx for the release
  10. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    Thanks for the updates (with sponsor)
  11. I think it will not take too long for your next ban, Franck
  12. Работы от Andrei4589

    There are many special event jerseys in the AHL, priority should have home/away/third jersey. If Andrei has a lot of time and motivation then he can do special event jerseys :-)
  13. Работы от Andrei4589

    Haste deine Tage ? :-) Hör doch einfach auf zu meckern - das nennt man konstruktive Kritik und du solltest mal lernen damit umzugehen - hast doch auch 2 Bilder reingestellt. Schau doch einfach mal auf Seite 2 (27. Februar) in diesem Thread - da steht doch das ich kein aktuelles finde.
  14. Работы от Andrei4589

    Totty, these are outdated and from last season: Colours need to be changed/switched and the text is not anymore: Proud Supporter 2013-14 but PROUD PARTNER
  15. С Днем Рождения!

    Thanks for the nice wishes - really appreciated.
  16. Работы от Andrei4589

    Lake Erie Monsters: Something like this ?
  17. Работы от Andrei4589

    Hi Andrei, with the help of a member from TBN I do now know the logo for the Chicago Wolves black helmet - it is for International Trucks: