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stlouis26 стал победителем дня 13 августа 2017

stlouis26 имел наиболее популярный контент!

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  • День рождения 25.03.1973

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  1. С Днем Рождения!

    @Demoul: I wish you a great birthday, a joyful life, health, peace and good friends.

    No offense to other users but I was really happy to see posts from @zMaker, @Demoul and @Serge_66

    I hope you all had a great xmas yesterday. Finally snow was back yesterday.
  4. If you compare his stick with the one from Ark you'll see that it is his own work.
  5. С Новым Годом

    Happy New Year 2019 and all the best wishes
  6. Work's by DenisJulia

    Thanks for all the torfs (as seperate images) and the WSH logo looks great (stitched) @DenisJulia
  7. Work's by Pavel999

    Oh man you work like an AK-47 (very productive) - would love to see torfs, too (I'll wait patiently) - also for EDM Alternate as the patch is missing on @xxxneedlesxxx (no offense). @DenisJulia is doing a great job on the torfs but I would love to see that he post them like you did - as single png file with no background :-) To all I don't want to sound rude and if so: Sorry that is not my intention (maybe it is because English is not my mother language). @Pavel999: The orange on the oilers jerseys are very bright. Maybe you could try that color code: RGB:227/75/2 or CMYK: 2/81/100/1
  8. Work's by Pavel999

    Being nitpicky. The Edmonton oilers coud need the 40years patch on the right shoulder:
  9. Work's by Pavel999

    Can you perhaps do the torfs for St. Louis and Edmonton Alternate ?
  10. Work's by Pavel999

    Good work, and as info: I deleted your other threads
  11. Works by Ark

    Great work - on Shikin's stick is still the text " Stepanek" - would be great if you could remove it and provide an update.
  12. First Spengler Cup (since I follow the tournament) without Arno del Curto on Davos bench :-(
  13. Maybe we should try to create a KHL goalie package. @Ark is doing wonderful stick (no offense @redfury91), @redfury pads, bmsk by cnaba (or similar - so have no cyrillic letters) and @senators/serge66 masks - would be awesome.
  14. Great work and especially great that you have found time to create these masterpieces.
  15. Works by Ark

    Thanks for the stick and I asked for Stolarz to have the stick in a same style - Pepis did a great job (no critic).