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Весь контент stlouis26

  1. Do it on your own. Download the file and use a graphic tool to resize them if needed and FshX to import it.
  2. Work's by Demoul

    You have everything to bring it in the game. The graphic and FsHX is freeware. Learn it on your own - it is time.
  3. Oh man, eliteprospects is a website, which roster for NHL09 ?
  4. Work's by Demoul

    @Tyson12: I think the thanks will follow when the patch is released :-) That was the way when Andrei released the AHL patch and that was totally fine for me.
  5. Work's by Demoul

    gettyimages is always good but I searched for images without watermark (which is not neccessary for you :-)). Sometimes I use pictures for other things and so I'm more for watermark free (visible) version. I know that there many things to "protect" the image.
  6. Work's by Demoul

    I don't know if you have good image sources and I think it is hard to find some images, but I found this (not HD quality but better than nothing):
  7. Work's by Demoul

    Awesome - always great to see your work.
  8. Work's by Demoul

    Great work @Demoul and I think Kane98 is understanding it. Hope you give more teams a try.
  9. С Днем Рождения!

    @zMaker: I wish you a great birthday, health and a better job situation and that your dreams may be fulfilled.
  10. Hey @j4mpp4: Check the download section: and
  11. NBC Washington Capitals 2018

    Everybody knows that you have stolen this from @senators96. @BV4ka / @zMaker: It is not the first time that he does that. You should give him a break.
  12. С Днем Рождения!

    Oh je sorry Torsten
  13. С Днем Рождения!

    I did not check the calendar so often, but I really feel ashamed that I have missed @Totty 's birthday. So I'm really sorry Thorsten but I hope you had a great birthday anyway and I wish you all the best for the future. @VernoN: Happy birthday great NLA addon creator !
  14. I like this video (even if I don't understand anything). You see the joy in every player and I think in the room of Team Germany it was the same. I hope that hockey team will get the "Sport team of the year award" even if football is sport #1 in Germany.
  15. Congrats to Russia - we have not lost Gold, we have one silver. I really enjoyed the final and Germany was really good. I like the fact that team Russia showed respect and I love that Kovalchuk was really happy when he got the gold. Also happy for Datsyuk and surely for every Russian player. I also love that the players and russian fans don't care about IOC hymn and sang what they should have heard :-)))
  16. Works by senators96

    I don't like suggesting/requesting/demanding. Everyone should do what they want to do.
  17. Works by senators96

    YESSS and thanks
  18. Works by senators96

    Thank you so much, really really appreciated Hope for advancing to final :-)
  19. Thanks to @Totty for all the ices, to @Senators96 for being such a good teacher and everybody who provided helpful information.
  20. Works by senators96

    Maybe someone can ban you finally, Mr. Commander - it is really awful what you are doing.
  21. Торфы

    the only thing he can do alone is requesting :-)
  22. The ice machine is rolling :-)
  23. Thanks for TELH ices - happy that you didn't give up (so many addons on the ices)