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Everything posted by stlouis26

  1. Сезон 2018-19

    Still amazing skills and I hoped so long that someone would do the Allstar jerseys - awesome work.
  2. Сезон 2018-19

    Great to see some masterpieces again - thank you my friend.
  3. Sorry for a little bit OffTopic but I have to test it when I'll find time, I think I was not able to export files for goalies with BigGui as the files were crypted
  4. Not only local.viv is protected other files at rhlmod were also crypted IIRC e.g. masks
  5. @Vit and @alex78 calm down
  6. @all: Please continue with a little more respect on each other. IMHO 04 and 09 are both old games have both pro and contras and both can be modded easily for e.g. for jerseys, facepacks, ... . Interface modding seems to be easier for 04 as you can edit html/js files and don't need HEX editing for all changes. There is a community for RHL and NHL04 Rebuilt (this depends on what you like more, e.g. I prefer playing 04). Please focus on the topic. THX.
  7. Surprised that they promoted to SHL (but deserved). Do you maybe have numbers, too ?
  8. KHL Ices 2018 / 2019. Playoffs

    Thanks a lot @Serge_66 for these wonderful playoff ices - really appreciated.
  9. It is a great idea - what will you contribute ? I think a lot of time is needed to create such a mod (I know what I'm talking about - believe me).
  10. С Днем Рождения!

    Thanks my friends.
  11. С Днем Рождения!

    Vielen vielen Dank @Totty
  12. Works by Totty

    Liiga ices are real pain :-( I wish I could help but research for Liiga is hard. Maybe I'll find some time on Sunday (very busy at the moment - as spring is coming).
  13. All AHL Ice HD & SD 2018 - 2019

    Great Job @Totty and thanks to @skyline_r341
  14. Works by Totty

    Holy moly - das mit Binghamton ist ja klasse - super ! Und über die NLA freue ich mich natürlich auch
  15. KHL19 (PNG) Goalie Pack

    Thanks @Yrall77
  16. Fantasy jerseys by Xandr92Prog

    Good job
  17. С Днем Рождения!

    с днём рождения zMaker I wish you a great birthday, happiness, joy, health, luck and the all your wishes will be fulfilled. Have a great day my friend.
  18. Great work @Serge_66
  19. Works by Totty

    @Totty: Perfect !! I hope you don't mind that I am so nitpicky (I love your work - really masterpieces)
  20. Works by Totty

    Thanks @Totty for your prompt reaction. I think one layer on the ice of Malmo (right one) was faded - the one with the text Malmö arena
  21. Works by Totty

    @Totty: Sorry for being nitpicky, but I think on Timra the Norrlands Guld Logo (die 2 Hirsche ohne den silbrigen Hintergrund) should look like on these images: See e.g. here: Same for Växjö: and Malmö:
  22. С Днем Рождения!

    @Totty - I wish you a great birthday and luck, joy and health:
  23. Works by Totty

    Was the unknown logo recognized ?
  24. Works by Totty

    Me too. Got an automatic reply that they received my mail
  25. Works by Totty

    Totty I sent this morning a mail to Binghamton via the online contact formular - maybe I'll get answer