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    François Jutras
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  1. NHL2017-18 Bob Boughner (Florida Panthers)

    Can you do a other head coach cyberface for me ? Thanks !
  2. Works by senators96

    I know that you don't like that ! So, i'm really happy that Germany was defeat Canada 4-3 in Semi-finals. I hope they win the gold medal vs OAR sunday !
  3. Works by senators96

    Thanks very much about out excellent work stlouis26 ! So, what do you think about Germany facepack suggestion ? Best regards !
  4. HC Dynamo Pardubice HD & SD Ice 2018

    Anyway, i was my C: / Program files / NHL09 folder was infected by a virus and deleted all files !!! So, i shoud to find another NHL09 PC games pack and install when i resolve this problem. Thanks ! Best regards !
  5. Works by senators96

    Thanks in advance ! Best regards !
  6. Works by Totty

    Ok ! Best regards !
  7. Works by senators96

    Mikko Koskinen Olympic Finland goalie mask Thanks !
  8. Works by Totty

    Hey Totty ! Can do the TELH torfs and jerseys after you have finish the ices ? Thanks !
  9. Works by senators96

    cyberface, goalie pads and gear, stick ? Thanks !
  10. Works by senators96

    I suggest and not order, Totty and senators96 made excellent addons ! Thamks !
  11. Works by senators96

    Ok ! Maybe someones can do cyberfaces packs of South Korea and facepack ? https://www.pyeongchang2018.com/en/game-time/results/OWG2018/en/ice-hockey/athlete-profile-nihomteam6-kor01-republic-of-korea.htm Thanks !
  12. Works by senators96

    Where you cyberface texture and facepack picture ?
  13. Торфы

    Look this https://ibb.co/hcHU0n