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  1. Can you update these jerseys by this ? Thanks ! Best regards !
  2. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    New IIHF Slovaquia jerseys 2018 New logo design
  3. Work's by DenisJulia

    Wonderful work ! Thanks !
  4. Hi BV4ka, 


    Do you have the cyberface of Bob Hartley, head coach of Avangard Omsk?


    Thanks ! best regards !


  5. Hi Denis Julia ! 

    Are you interest about to do the Magnus France League and NLA (Switzerland) jerseys and peats ?

    Thanks ! Best regards ! 

  6. Addons by Tyson12

  7. Built new graphics

    What i should doing with these files https://ibb.co/dmdQm7 Thanks !
  8. Built new graphics

    Ok ! Unfortunately, i hope that someones can do a Perskindol trainers tracking suit ? Also, what is the file where i can see the trainers addons ? Thanks ! Best regards !
  9. Built new graphics

    Also, someoens can do these equipment, because Adobe Photoshop in too expansive for me ! It's will really good that they have trainers with Perskindol tracking suit for NLA teams. Thanks ! Best regards !
  10. Built new graphics

    My NHL09 crack was crashed and i as should be uninstall them.
  11. IIHF WC 2018 MOD. Разработка

    I would like to know if it's possible to do an addons about Korea flag on the select menu teams ? Thanks ! Best regards !