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  1. киберы IIHF

    Who is the second player? only di Dio Balsamo is named
  2. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    Can we expect a download release with numbers?
  3. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    Amazing job as always. Thanks for the hard work.
  4. Addons by Tyson12

    @Tyson12 Thank you so much!
  5. Addons by Tyson12

    May I make some requests? If you have time. Please and thank you. Alexander Kerfoot Tyson Jost AJ Greer Samuel Girard Nail Yakupov
  6. Work's by Demoul

    Sorry to nitpick Demoul, but the Carolina Hurricanes shoulder yolk comes down to accommodate the name plate.
  7. Работы от Andrei4589

    @Andrei4589 No, sponsors are not that important. Not worth redrawing forms you've already done.
  8. Jerseys NHL season 2017-18

    Just be patient dude. Don't rush them. They will get done, when zMaker has time.
  9. Работы от Andrei4589

    You're such a douche Franck. Why can't you just appreciate what these guys do for us?
  10. Работы от Andrei4589

    So awesome. I can't wait to see more!
  11. Работы от Andrei4589

    Awesome. Thank you sir!
  12. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    Thank you very much!
  13. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    Amazing work as usual. Any chance we can get the numbers for this Austrian jersey?