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  1. Hey VojghiV, great work on your addons. I've ran into one issue so far - my score bar during the game (the one in top left corner where score and flags/logos of th teams should be) are white/blank. I've installed all your addons 

    (0. to 10.) according to the instructions. Any idea how to fix that? 

    1. VojghiV


      Hi it is hard to say, because when you said that you installed all addons according to instructions then they should work. 

      But please check via FshX if those small logos have been installed correctly. Open some of them and they should be that on the left side is a small logo then on the right is logo with abbreviation.

      Also you can check it easy way in NHLview when you open Resource preview. - attachment

      If it is the same then please install 4. PROJECT INTERFACE again.