KHL19 (PNG) Goalie Pack

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KHL19 (PNG) Goalie Pack

KHL19 (PNG) Goalie Pack!TmL2W4tffS3v/khl19-png-goalie-pack-rar

Image Gallery:

these are the PNG image files ONLY! 
i only had the time and petience to make images of mostly just the gear. 
sorry but i did not make Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk or SKA Saint Petersburg goalie packs because there are no templates for their gear. 
and for those of you who have been asking and dont know how to install them then you need to go learn how to use the FshX program, it is not difficult. 


great job to @VendettaDeToli on the downloadable Goalie Pack files! 



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Great stuff. I would like to ask @VendettaDeToli and @Yrall77  if I could use your stuff for a NHL04 KHL mod (you will be credited as authors if I release it officially.

@redfury91, @Ark, @VendettaDeToli, @Yrall77 and @Cлавы - thank you for all your efforts - I really appreciate it. :drinks:


If I have forgotten an author, please state it in this thread



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