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Has there ever been a NHL Mod where, say, Ovechkin/Crosby/Stamkos etc.


I've tried to search for a mod with this feature, but I can not find it.


Has there ever been a NHL 09 Mod for Dynasty Mode, where (for example), the Dynasty starts in 2000 with accurate rosters at the time. Then, as the years go by, more recent ones. Like, the Dynasty Starts in 2000, and once 2004 rolls around, Ovechkin (and the rest of his draft class) is available to be drafted during the draft? Then the following year, Crosby, and then enter the game through the draft?


Thank you in advance for any assistance. I apologize if I got something wrong up there; if anyone wants clarification on the type of mod I'm looking for I'd be happy to explain.

Looking forward,


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