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Faces of Hockey by jcNYR7

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to everyone interested in using my face pack

all packs are NOT linked to any roster

I just use Elite Faceplace id list


sorry for the confusion


also, the total count on faces I have made is now 2280... I missed 3 players that are now in the face packs


Spencer Knight (added before posting FLA pack 1.0)

Kevin Fiala will be in MIN pack 1.0

John McCarthy will be in SJ pack 1.0


as I continue to update my roster and overlook all the packs as I go I will be sure to update them with any other notable players I may have missed


as stated above, individual pack updates will be out monthly with any real world transactions that occur


thanks !


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Jimmy Schuldt will be in VGK pack 1.0


also, here is a sneak peak at what league I'm working on next, however, my time right now will be limited to work on this as I am in the middle of moving and other personal issues....  


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I can not use these sites for photos...... 

does anyone know where else I can find team photos for HC Vitkovice ?

if not the face pack will be made of random photos that I've sourced from google


I will start releasing TELH packs in next day or so


*** I will be taking a short break from making new packs for now but I will keep what is currently done up to date and the recent transaction between PIT & CHI will be done soon


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Hey jcnyr7,

Would there be any chance you were thinking of making facepacks for the SHL? They are probably the only league that no one has made any recent facepacks. Liiga, DEL, KHL, and even the odd International teams have had some facepacks. That would be awesome!  It would be the final touch to what has been an awesome revamp of my whole NHL 09 in game faces. Most credit goes to your incredible NHL league/AHL league facepacks.


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