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  1. ELITE ADDONS 2018-2019

    Will this project be continuing over at Wasserlasser?
  2. Trues Widescreen 1080P Fix + Reshade!

    I reinstalled by NHL 09 with this version from the ground up. It work great so far.
  3. Trues Widescreen 1080P Fix + Reshade!

    Does anyone have any tips on installing the reshade? I have successfully installed the 1080p version, but I cannot seem to figure out how to install the reshade. Edit: I have the reshade installed and figured out how to access the control panel, however none of the settings are checked off. Are you able to give me a breakdown of which Shaders and Textures I should have ticked off. Thank you.
  4. ELITE ADDONS 2018-2019

    Any new updates on this project?
  5. Removed