Сезон 1990-91 для НХЛ 09 1.0.0

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Сезон 1990-91 Для  НХЛ 09  из Архивов сайта TBN


Project NHL 1990-1991 add-on.


Thank you for downloading the NHL 1990-1991 add-on.  This will work in NHL 09.

A note: The rosters will only work in NHL 09 and not in NHL 08. You'll have to reinstall other rosters after installing this if you wish to use it with NHL08.

Another note:  This add-on is best use on a clean install of NHL 09.  


To install, Copy all files inside the Install Files folder to your main NHL09 directory and run 1990_91_season.bat. That's it! BHimport is run automatically after installation.


Credit List for this add-on.

Logos, 1990-1991 schedule, Project Manager - Wild Hockey

Rosters - Oldie

Jerseys, Ices, Blank boards - CanuckFanatic92

Goalies, Pucks - RyanFields

Some Masks - Drezz

Compiling - SpiderSilva, CgyFlames

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А ростеры еще ретро-сезонов есть? начиная с 1998 года... Спасибо большое за ответ. 

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