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  1. 1992-1993 Slovakia Jersey both Home and Away
  2. https://uloz.to/file/WSfI8fd7Jh9U/num049-0-zip#!ZJL5ZmR2AGt5AzD0BQZkAmIxZwEzAIH5nRcMK2yXsycfomx0Lj== Download
  3. Hey Friends! I recently decided to give up on making half of the jerseys by not making the Helmet, Numbers and Torfs! I am sharing my work on the first High quality Slovakian jerseys i've ever made so here are the images and even a Youtube video showcasing it! --- https://youtu.be/hI4s_tpgbOU
  4. Я використовую mmdresy.eu, вибачте, якщо він старий, він з 2018 року, більшість роботи я виконав за запитом мого друга на цьому форумі.
  5. HC Slovan Bratislava Did it wrong by not adding the red and white stripe on the arm.
  6. On photoshop i choose the fastest option with largest file to make my jerseys hd and faster to make others
  7. ENG-All made by me please credit me! SVK-Všetky vyrobené mnou, prosím, poďakujte mi! RUS-Все сделано мной, пожалуйста, укажите меня!
  8. IIHF ALL JERSEYS made by risko make sure to credit me
  9. Áno, pomôžem vám vyrobiť dresy, ak máte facebook alebo discord alebo akékoľvek sociálne médiá
  10. Hello i am slovak i speak little russian but here are the jerseys i have made buffallo sabres white.bmp keeperrr.bmp
  11. hello i made two jerseys using a template by combing two other templates and made the nike 2022 iihf template! (i dont like making the numbers or the helmets just the jerseys i wanna make torfs but i dont know)
  12. oh well i ahve no money just 12 year old trying to play nhl 09with jersey