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  1. Hello people you guys may have seen the new hlinka gretzky cup that happened and i made a beta patch so its not fully done, but if you guys want to help you can. Here's the patch -----> https://uloz.to/file/mte3jd144cYt/hlinka-gretzky-beta-rar#!ZGLlLmR1AGxlZQExLGt4L2SxAmL0qSywARuMJT8gpIqzBQpm
  2. I mostly just use the jerseys from mmdresy.eu sorry if its inaccurate from the jerseys you show. Я в основном просто ношу майки с mmdresy.eu, извините, если это неточно из-за майки, которую вы показываете.
  3. Oh sorry i must've forgotten one here you go
  4. How's my CzechoSlovakia 1984 retro jersey i made?
  5. Hello everyone i got a jersey request from my friend "Igor JB85" on Wasserlasser im taking this opportunity to you guys to request any jersey you want the limit is up to 2 jerseys per person here is what "Igor JB85" wanted. Here is what i gave him.
  6. ты еще не Словакия?
  7. That was the U18 and U20 the official one was this one
  8. 1992-1993 Slovakia Jersey both Home and Away
  9. https://uloz.to/file/WSfI8fd7Jh9U/num049-0-zip#!ZJL5ZmR2AGt5AzD0BQZkAmIxZwEzAIH5nRcMK2yXsycfomx0Lj== Download
  10. Hey Friends! I recently decided to give up on making half of the jerseys by not making the Helmet, Numbers and Torfs! I am sharing my work on the first High quality Slovakian jerseys i've ever made so here are the images and even a Youtube video showcasing it! --- https://youtu.be/hI4s_tpgbOU
  11. Я використовую mmdresy.eu, вибачте, якщо він старий, він з 2018 року, більшість роботи я виконав за запитом мого друга на цьому форумі.
  12. HC Slovan Bratislava Did it wrong by not adding the red and white stripe on the arm.
  13. On photoshop i choose the fastest option with largest file to make my jerseys hd and faster to make others