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  1. Vityaz Podolsk - Ilya Ezhov Pads sorry but this is the best that i can do with the images that are available right now for these pads
  2. hey thanks for posting the pic, but if you can find more, clearer, and higher resolution images of these new Jānis Kalniņš pads from all sides and angles i will be able to make them much quicker. thanks?
  3. Metallurg Magnitogorsk - Gleb Nosov Pads
  4. sorry, i was planning on making new Warrior and Miklin goalie pad templates before the season started but shit got too busy so i never found the time. otherwise, the Ak Bars Bilyalov pads wouldve already been done a long time ago. and yes i can do decent mask work sometimes but with the time constraints i decided to focus exclusively on the KHL20 Pads this season instead. sorry again, but trying to make detailed masks, updating pads, and create new templates at the same time is just way too much work for only one man to accomplish in just one season ??
  5. @Deni_43 thank you for the extra images i needed for the Nosov pads. i will post them as soon as i am done. @BergForce - yes i know i made the old white Isayev mask at the beginning of the season so thats all i got, maybe the mask makers will do the mask update soon. ? as long as i am provided with the images of the gear i will continue to update all goalie pads by request. again, just a reminder, i am here primarily to keep the goalie pads updated. yes sometimes i also make easy white mask with stickers and sponsors but i do not have the time to create the beautiful masks with all the intricate artwork and details ?
  6. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl - Daniil Isayev Pads&Mask
  7. sorry, i am here primarily to update the pads. be patient, there is lots of great work still being done, im sure someone will eventually make the mask? i am also very busy with other mods but i will continue to update the KHL20 pads on request, so if there are any pads that you notice need updating then please send me the pics and i will try my best to create and post them as quickly as possible. thanks?
  8. Dinamo Riga - Andrei Makarov Pads Update
  9. thanks for catching my mistakes. here is the fix
  10. Severstal Cherepovets - Vladislav Podyapolsky Pads
  11. yes thank you i saw this picture on instagram yesterday and i will make these pads probably sometime today ?
  12. no problem, i will make the blue&yellow pads?
  13. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl - Alexander Lazushin Pads update