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  1. Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk - Konstantin Barulin Pads cleaner version using the templates
  2. SKA St. Petersburg - Alexei Melnichuk Pads sorry i dont mean to step on any toes but i just want to share my cleaner version of Alexei Melnichuk Pads using the templates. and i also want to post this template link to anyone who wishes to make clean goalie gears so you dont have to do sloppy freehand work anymore: Michal Marusin shared with me these templates on drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B91JpAWyFAgKX2MzWS1JQTY0Z2c👍
  3. SKA St.Petersburg - Alexander Samonov Pads
  4. Sibir Novosibirsk - Alexei Krasikov Pads
  5. i am here primarily to make pads and yes sometimes i'll do a few masks as well if its simple enough like a plane white mask with a few stickers and adverts and maybe a number or something but sorry im not getting into any detailed mask projects right now. ask around, there are others doing great work in here making beautifully detailed masks, im sure someone will eventually make it, sorry again but right now i am focusing mostly on pads😉
  6. Salavat Yulaev Ufa - Andrei Kareyev still wearing same pads in my KHL19 pack from last season
  7. Vityaz Podolsk - Igor Saprykin and Pyotr Kochetkov Mask&Pads
  8. Spartak Moscow - Július Hudáček and Alexander Trushkov Pads
  9. @слава has already done the great job making the new Vasily Koshechkin Pads but here is the blocker he is still wearing from my old KHL19 pack
  10. i fully understand and respect your opinion as well, and i agree because at the end of the day i will also eventually install the plain white pads because that is what he is wearing right now in real life, but for now i will have fun with the exchange of old and new gear as i please until the entire pack is done and then i will eventually switch back to the reality of today in order to get the full experience with all the correct goalie equipment that they are wearing in the KHL right now 😉👍
  11. Barys Nur-Sultan - Henrik Karlsson Pads color fix
  12. for now, as a temporary option, just to be a little more accurate, these are the old Jakub Kovar CCM Premiere2 pads that he was actually wearing just before he switched to those new Brians pads