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  1. senators96 I stopped catching anything, just asking this to try at home
  2. Greetings I know is done but i don't have the RHL mod patch ,I have Elite prospect patch,I know that Ciliak Cyber is done, RHL16.exe doesn't work on Eliteprospect.thanks
  3. Hi sadovnik77 very thanks Jukka Jalonen, please for Face Marek Ciliak SVK,I think nobody did it Very thanks
  4. Hello sadovnik77 Please Marek Ciliak Slovakia very thanks
  5. Magic man Michail Grigorenko it's done by Supra
  6. Michail Grigorenko FACE7655.ebo FACE7655.fsh
  7. Hi Petr.31 !   

    Have BHimport19.bat to install the Elite roster 2018-2019 ? Thanks !

    1. Hygiene Salubrite

      Hygiene Salubrite

      Good ! Can you send to me please ? Thanks ! 

    2. Hygiene Salubrite

      Hygiene Salubrite

      Thanks ! 



      So, do you like that zÉMaker do the new Czech Republic jerseys 2018 ?  original.jpg&w=1600&h=1200original.jpg&w=1600&h=1200

      Also, can you do ask to zMaker to do these jerseys ? Thanks ! 

  8. Привет, пожалуйста, Каапо Какко