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  1. Understood. Maybe I'll toy with creating a macro to do it. This is the most tedious thing in the modding process, in my opinion. And godforbid you have a slight error and need to re-do an entire set...
  2. That is correct. I do not want to do the manual labor. I am trying to automate the process. I know how to import FSH. It is slow to import BMP into the FSH via FshX. I am sorry for my bad linguistics. I am happy to try to explain again if it would help.
  3. I only speak English, so I apologize in advance. Come on, Google Translate!! Is there a .bat or automation process to import letters and numbers? I have the template. I have the application that splits them. Importing 30 letters and 20 numbers per jersey with FshX is too many mouse clicks. Cheers!