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# NEBOViewer

by Akshag (akshag@hotmail.fr)


NEBOViewer is an experimental tool to display EBO/FSH files from EA NHL09 game.

This tool is based on OpenGL with no warranty or support. Use it at your own risk !!!


NEBOViewer is designed to NHL CyberFace Artists.

All credits goes to Arushan, Brad26, GreyMana, \rDenis Auroux, Benjamin Dobell, Pierre Terdiman, Song Ho Ahn and Bob Jenkins.

Contributors : Supra, Senators96.


# Commands


- LEFT MOUSE : Rotate



- HOME : Reset to origin

- LEFT ARROW : Load First EBO from current dir

- RIGHT ARROW : Load Nexit EBO from current dir

- UP ARROW : Optimize stripes (Stripes mode)


# New Features in version 0.8 !


- Use of Threads to get more reactivity when resize display window

- Improved loading EBO files. May be unstable but it can load more objects than before

- Loading huge FSH Textures

- Vertex colors are display

- Import/Export Wavefront Obj (`Stanford Ply format currently always in development`)

- Saving EBO File `(Experimental : NEBOViewer try to import geometry inside an existing EBO File.)`

- Stripes mode `(This mode is usefull to colorize stripes of trianglestrips. UP Arrow may optimize stripes to reduce the length of stripes)`

- Wireframe mode

- properties menu

- Auto reload BMP file when changes are detected `(GIMP's users, export to Bmp file with compatibility option : 'Do not write color space information')`


# Version 0.81

- fix object import. `Preserve vertices coord when import .obj file`


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!




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