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  • День рождения 12.08.1998

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    Buffalo, NY
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  1. Works by Kane98

    Did you compressed that 2 files in BigGUI and selected Rebuild?
  2. Works by Kane98

    - copy menu.fsh and menu.bat to your game folder, then run menu.bat and after that, run BHImport.bat toms199998 - follow this YouTube Tutorial and , in your NHLView open Vegas Golden Knights tab and select Arena and look on the Identity section, there must be Art and some number. I don't know how it's working but some numbers (ID's) are assigned to the specific arena. For example : ID 0 (Anaheim Ducks) is assigned to the file arenaANA.big, Ducks arena. In the case if you are don't know what arena is set to your Vegas team, just launch the game and look what arena shows in your game for Vegas. For example, if you will saw Finnish names, then your arena for Vegas is arena for Finnish Liiga. And after that you will just grab my Vegas arena and you will renamed it to arenaLIG.big (or ID of arena for Finnish league, I don't know if is it LIG or FIN) and replace it in your gamedata directory.
  3. Works by Kane98

    Sorry I don't have puck
  4. Works by Kane98

  5. Works by Kane98

  6. Works by Kane98

    NHL 18 Menu Download - just copy all files to your game folder and run menu.bat and BHImport.bat Preview of the players: Connor McDavid - Edmonton Oilers Zach Werenski - Columbus Blue Jackets Erik Karlsson - Ottawa Senators P.K Subban - Nashville Predators
  7. Works by Kane98

    VEGAS ARENA UPDATED Check first post
  8. I dont rush anybody, just asking
  9. Is there any update about new NHL jerseys?
  10. Minsk Arena 2017

    With all teams using arenaINT, when I replaced from backup arenaINT, game worked fine
  11. Minsk Arena 2017

    Strange, my game is crashing with this arena when I want to play for Dinamo Minsk
  12. Minsk Arena 2017

    I meaned if it is compatible with KHL in game
  13. Great work, I really like that Minsk jerseys
  14. Minsk Arena 2017

    Hi, can I use this arena for KHL?