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  1. Jumpy stuttering gameplay

    Try reinstall the game. Remove full game folder, install clean NHL 09 and then try it. If the game will be smooth install Vojghi Elite Addins but instal it that way when you install for example jerseys, test the game, then install ices, test the game. I fixed suttering by this way
  2. I'm surprised that HC Slovan Bratislava stayed in the league. I read they have long financial problems with player salaries.
  3. Hi do you create jerseys?

  4. Hi Kane, looking forward to all the finished OG jerseys soon.

  5. Works by Kane98

    I don't know how to make goalie masks, it's too difficult for me
  6. Addons Юрий5000.

    @Юрий5000, can you please make some Barys Astana or Dinamo Minsk fantasy masks ? Thanks
  7. Work's by Demoul

    Sure, I don't have any problem with it. I think US is pretty easy if you look on it from different angle, I think most difficult are Korea and Slovenia. Also, this OG had bad coverage of jersey images and logos.
  8. Works by Kane98

    I will make all this jerseys but be patient please and don't rush it. I have lot of work to school this two weeks, I don't work entire day with Photoshop. Also, I'm playing many more games beside NHL and I'm building plastic aircraft models in my free time. So be patient please, I'm trying to do what I can to make it soon as possible.
  9. Works by Kane98

    It is available in thread Works by Totty
  10. Works by Kane98

  11. Works by Kane98

  12. Works by Kane98

    Czech Republic @Hygiene Salubrite , Germany has hardest jerseys on OG, alongisde with South Korea, Slovenia and Finland so I will do them probably at the end, same with all torfs.
  13. Works by Kane98

    Sure, I will try to make all OG jerseys. Thankfully, Czech Republic has easier style than US or OAR (Russia)
  14. Thanks Totty for notice! Already fixed, there was a problem with icex.ebo