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  1. Kane98

    NHL Menu 2022

  2. CLIMATE PLEDGE ARENA - Seattle Kraken UPDATED TO VERSION 1.0.1 Changelog: -added Playoff Ice (2 variants: Black-Silver Logo and Blue Logo) -updated 1 t-shirt on crowd file
  3. Kane98

    NHL Menu 2022

    Version 1.0.0


    NHL 22 main menu players and logo interface Players: Nathan Mackinnon - Colorado Avalanche Adam Fox - New York Rangers Leon Draisaitl - Edmonton Oilers Philipp Grubauer - Seattle Kraken
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Crowd pack for all NHL teams for 2021-2022 season Elite Roster 2021 and Amnesiac's Roster compatibility -32 NHL teams including Vegas Golden Knights and Seattle Kraken -2 bonus crowd files (Nashville Gold, Winnipeg Whiteout)
  5. Version 1.1


    CLIMATE PLEDGE ARENA for Seattle Kraken, season 2021-22 Elite Roster 2021 and Amnesiac's Roster compatibility IF YOU ARE USING ELITE ROSTER 2021-2022 VERSION 0.9.2 OR OLDER YOU NEED TO SWITCH ARENA IDENTITY ART IN NHLVIEW FROM 29 TO 50! MORE INFO IN README FILE -2 arena triangle jumbotrons -authentic season boards -fans (lower, upper seats) -authentic roof banners -regular season ice Created by Kane98
  6. Version 1.0.0


    KeyBank Center for Buffalo Sabres, season 2020-21 -arena textures reworked -authentic season boards -fans (lower, upper seats) Created by Kane98
  7. Part 2 Martin Fehervary Adam Liska Matus Sukel Adam Fox 8199.big 3349.big 14944.big 4316.big
  8. Some facepacks Jack Hughes Quinn Hughes Kaapo Kakko Henri Jokiharju Moritz Seider 4300.big 3075.big 4126.big 8899.big 3562.big
  9. Try reinstall the game. Remove full game folder, install clean NHL 09 and then try it. If the game will be smooth install Vojghi Elite Addins but instal it that way when you install for example jerseys, test the game, then install ices, test the game. I fixed suttering by this way
  10. I'm surprised that HC Slovan Bratislava stayed in the league. I read they have long financial problems with player salaries.
  11. Hi do you create jerseys?

  12. Hi Kane, looking forward to all the finished OG jerseys soon.