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    Excellent! very good stadiums, faces, gameplay, teams, logos, etc. 10 points!
  1. And some ice (For example, the Colorado Eagles), are upside down, there are more. it's just an example. Another query, is there any other editor for team names, jerseys, and stadium ice sheets other than NHLView? THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL! And thanks to the author of this magnificent patch!
  2. I'm fine with the errors in these 5 AHL teams (I tried two weeks with the NHLVIEW editor but it's impossible for me to change the stadium ice sheets, the jerseys and the names and logos of each team) Abbotsford Canucks has the Utica Comets jersey Utica has the Abbotsford Canucks jersey Coachella Valley Firebirds have Colorado Eagles logo and ice Colorado Eagles has the Coachella Valley Firebirds logo and ice. Stockton Heat (Has the Calgary Wrangler logo) It is a pity that they are changed, because it is not that you have to design everything, everything is already done, it's just that they are not in their corresponding places. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!
  3. Sorry, I don't understand how this chat works, I wanted to ask DSgamby, where can I download these AHL updates for these teams? a thousand apologies and thank you very much everyone!
  4. Sorry, where are these updates to download? I tried two weeks every day with NHLView but I can't with that program. Thank you!!
  5. Hi, very good patch 2022/2023 All 32 very good NHL teams. But the AHL there are teams that have logos, and mixed ice. Can you correct the AHL? What have changed logos, ice and jersey are: Abbotsford Utica Coachella valley Colorado Stockton (Has the Calgary Wrangler logo) Thank you very much for the patch!