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  1. Hi, why is there no Vegas golden Knights in the nhl roster? It is created in custom teams and does not move to the nhl league using nhlview. Can you explain how I can add a custom VGK to the NHL league?

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    2. thereau


      Okay, and how to use custom teams instead of other teams in dynasty mode or in the season?

    3. VojghiV


      There are instructions how to do it. It is from previous seasons but you can use it.


      !ELITE SEASONS!.txt

    4. thereau
  2. ELITE ROSTER 2020-2021 v2.0 WILL BE AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD 23.5.2021 - 20:00 CET FIRST BETA VERSION IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE - KHL, SHL, LII, TELH, NL and DEL Please read previous posts for more information.
  3. May I ask you if there is going to be a whole pack of KHL goalies 2020-2021? Thank you very much.
  4. ELITE ROSTER 2020-2021 v2.0 BETA VERSION I am very thankful for all donators for your support and as a little gift I am going to send only you a link to a beta version during this weekend. In this version you can find all european leagues - KHL, SHL, LII, TELH, NL and DEL with current rosters and whole new roles and rating system for all players. There are more then 2000 edited players. All players have also correct numbers, shoots, positions (5 C, 5 LW and 5 RW in each team) and all teams have correct lines according to their last real games with correct chemistry in the game. Minor players and long-time injured players are added as well and you can active them in Minor League Management. ATTENTION: Please keep in mind that this is just a first beta version and not the final one of course. NHL and AHL players I am editing in these days and it will take some time so NHL and AHL Teams are NOT updated and they could contain some issues! For european players there are still small things to edit - Photo IDs are not verified for all players and Height, Weight and Age of players is not edited yet. IIHF and All Stars Teams are almost finished and playable but they also need edit some things. Addons are available in the first ELITE ADDONS 2020-2021 version which you can download here and new addons will be added later when final roster version is created. I believe that you all are mainly expecting NHL Teams but please be patient. Thank you for your understanding. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ELITE ROSTER LINES PREVIEW NOW I am sending you a preview of european teams which you can expect in beta version this weekend: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bGnZYbsNgIKLT3Sx7NIgfLw-PPKKysHM_7fkE852Vlg/edit?usp=sharing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAIN ANNOUCEMENT AND INFORMATION FOR DONATORS YOU CAN FIND ON THE TOP OF THIS PAGE: https://splinterice.com/topic/1602-elite-roster-addons-2020-2021/?do=findComment&comment=27534 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DONATE LINK: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=UP3EUAKMGAPD6 If you do not have a paypal account please write me a private message.
  5. ELITE TEAMS ID LIST FINAL PREVIEW: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Z-t9tDQ0oOudqZD2cAPi7-oXvofeG3rnSpQuRHKjDkw/edit?usp=sharing These teams will be available in ELITE ROSTER 2020-2021 2.0 during May. WC 2021 Roster will be created after the championship ends in the next version. Until then there are still available last WC rosters including WC D1A Teams. Number of NHL Jerseys will be updated during May when ELITE ADDONS are planned to be released. New NHL jerseys 2020-2021 by zMaker will be included only here on splinterice.com. Thank you for your understanding.
  6. ELITE WORK PREVIEW I would like to inform you that after a long and almost everyday shifts in my real job because of the situation in our country I finally have more time to work on ELITE ROSTER and ELITE ADDONS. I try to work on it as much as I can during my free time especially during nights when my family sleeps 🙂 There is still a lot of work to do because this update will be huge and better then other ones before and I want everything will be as detailed as possible like usually. As I mentioned before there will be all these leagues including complete DEL league in ELITE ROSTER VERSION 2.0: PLANNED RELEASE DATE IS EXPECTED IN MAY NEW VERSION OF ELITE TEAMS ID PREVIEW WILL BE UPLOADED IN NEXT WEEK NEW ELITE FACEPLACE LIST AND ROSTER LINES PREVIEW WILL BE UPDATED DURING MAY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ELITE ROSTER: I want to say that this is not just about moving players from one team to another one. You know that my work is about something else. After many years of working on rosters and addons I want it to be something more. In rosters I focus on player roles, ratings and positions to fit with line chemistry. In this way I am very glad that my premium account on eliteprospects.com and Franchise Hockey Manager 6 help me with player roles and other attributes for creating players. The main thing is that you can not find duplicate players in any team. Every team has 5 LW, 5 C and 5 RW for better gameplay in dynasty mode. It also helps with team chemistry which is not negative in every team. As I mentioned when the season started I created the new rating system which consists of 80 goalie attributes from rating 78 to 87 in butterfly or combined style. Defenders include 120 player ratings from 68 to 82 in offensive or defensive style. There are 240 forwards which include Danglers, Playmakers, Snipers and Power Forwards. For example, rating 75 for forwards is not only devided into these roles but also it has 4 versions which are marked with * / ** / *** or ****. Currently there are about 2500 edited players but still without NHL and AHL players. My work would not be possible without the premium account on eliteprospects.com and the game Franchise Hockey Manager 6. I would like to keep having this premium account and buying the whole new Hockey Manager 7 to continue in working on it in the future. I would like to ask you for at least small donate to keeping premium account on eliteprospects. I create all this stuff together with your addons so please understand that this is not my intention to profit from it at all. I believe that you understand that work on rosters is very time-consuming and demanding. DONATE LINK: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=UP3EUAKMGAPD6 If you do not have a paypal account please write me a private message. I am very grateful for every small gift. If you send me it I will send you an access to a beta version of ELITE ROSTER 2.0 before it will be available in Download Page and I will send you the link to ELITE RATING LIST PREVIEW with all player ratings and roles for you. Small preview: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ELITE ADDONS: In the newest version of elite addons which will be released together with elite roster 2.0 you can expect new 2020-2021 ICES by Totty, new FACEPACKS by jcNYR7, new CYBERFACES by greg88 and new JERSEYS by zMaker which they will overwrite current third jerseys but keep those ones as forth. I am very glad that many of you still work on new addons which I would like to add there as well. Because of the game limitation I have to check every addon you send to me and sometimes edit it to smaller size. I can not use HD textures every time. Especially work with jerseys is very difficult. It is very complicated if I need to export and import all letters and numbers again to they have the same size and work correctly. I would like to add all addons as possible but I do not have a permission from all authors. I am not the creator of addons so if you miss any please try to create them on your own or let me know where I could find them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ELITE WORK: As you know I create previews in Excel files where I try to show you all what you can expect in rosters and addons files. The most important file for addon makers is TEAMS ID LIST where you can find all team arts, strings IDs and arena types with numbers. This helps you and me to be compatible with whole work. I want to show you at least some of my work progress how I create and complete all my work with your addons. My work is divided to Excel work, NHLVIEW work and NHL 09 work which you can see in the following previews: 1. EXCEL ELITE TEAMS ID LIST - Team Full-Short Names, Team String IDs/Abbreviations, Team Arts, Team Coach Numbers Index, Arenas and Ices ID, Number of Jerseys 2. NHLVIEW TEAMS DATA - Team String IDs/Abbreviations, Art/Play-by-Play, Coach Numbers Index 3. NHL 09 LOCALIZATION FILES - Team Full-Short Names, English - Front/Game, Czech - Front/Game, Text Corrections 4. NHLVIEW ARENAS AND STRATEGIES - Arena Names/Type/Capacity, Attendance/Art/Play-by-Play, Teams Strategy 5. NHL 09 ADDONS - League Arenas Textures, League Referees, Teams Logos, Teams Torfs, Teams Jerseys, Teams Ices, Teams Crowds, Teams Pucks, Facepacks, Cyberfaces/Goalies, Menu and Title Logos, Skates-Sticks 6. EXCEL ELITE ROSTER LINES - Coaches, Free Agents, Players, Cyberface IDs, Player numbers/Shoots, Role/Rating/Potential, Position/Lines/PP-PK, Captain/Assistants 7. NHLVIEW ELITE ROSTER LINES - Coaches ID, Players - Free Agents, Attributes/Role Import, Shoots - Captains, Positions - Team Numbers, Lines/PP-PK, Additional/Minor Players, Cyberface ID, Play-by-play Added, Contracts/Salaries, Height/Weight - Age, Rookies 8. NHL 09 GAMEPLAY - Difficulty - aidata Total Control Editor Thank you very much for your support and I am looking forward to our next cooperation.
  7. Why banned Alfreds???

    1. Alberts


      Hello, how to buy jerseys? 

  8. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://splinterice.com/files/file/1227-elite-roster-2020-2021/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEWS: ELITE ROSTER 2020-2021 UPDATE Number of Jerseys changed for teams with alternate jerseys (NHL added from previous years) ELITE MENU 2020-2021 UPDATE Alternate Torfs Text Edited - English and Czech Belarus Logo Updated Difficulty Level Changed aidata.viv file (modified for even more equal gameplay) ELITE JERSEYS 2020-2021 UPDATE New Torfs for ELH Teams by yan21 from slovakaddons.6f.sk New Jerseys for ELH Teams by yan21 from slovakaddons.6f.sk Alternate Torfs for Teams KHL, NHL, AHL and SHL by zMaker and senators96 Alternate Jerseys for Teams KHL, NHL, AHL and SHL by zMaker, Prozach, Demoul and Andrei4589 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ELITE TEAMS ID 2020-2021 UPDATE Number of Jerseys added (for those who can change it in NHLview and do not need to download roster file again) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17kWlNYvMmQ6IzFSG5dsmfkvLpZ8uH9gu1tBuq0dykk8/edit?usp=sharing ELITE FACEPLACE 2020-2021 UPDATE Few Rookies added (Fixed some duplicate values) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18pkaitD9-__G4efe5_wJUQKY1aLf6X64KGuXCJyT3Ck/edit?usp=sharing --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DONATE LINK: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=UP3EUAKMGAPD6
    1. VojghiV


      Ok thank you for your notice I will ask drgfan for updating his logos but I am not so sure about jerseys. Probably jerseys would stay the same until someone create the new ones.

      Thank you for your understanding.

  9. NEWS: ELITE WORK PREVIEWS HAVE BEEN MOVED TO: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nSV2Es6sia4qJfGY4PRlIujRBye92Oxh?usp=sharing --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Because of Facebook settings which not allow me to open my albums I decided to moved all previews on Google Drive. Now you can see all current addons there. I will add the rest of jerseys and torfs as soon as possible. In ELH jerseys and torfs folders you can find the newest work created by yan21. His work will be added into ELITE JERSEYS during next week including alternate jerseys from previous Elite Addons packs. For correct working of alternate jerseys will be neccesary to download a new version of ELITE ROSTER as well. Thank you for your understanding.
  10. NEWS: I am currently about to upload preview of jerseys on facebook page https://www.facebook.com/eliteaddons so if you have any new jerseys which I could use in ELITE ADDONS please contact me via Private Message here or on Facebook or on e-mail Vojghi@seznam.cz I know that 5. ELITE FACES 2020-2021 is still missing in ELITE WORK because I do not have a lot of new ones so please until then use ELITE FACES from previous years: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1reXWnDcR2ecOCMuj_vNDczmJfS-PA8eT/view?usp=sharing I will do my best to complete SHL, LII, NLA and 8 Teams of DEL Leagues during Febraury. During that days I hope that some of NHL games will be played so I would have information and rosters to make an update of NHL and possible also AHL. Some of you also wrote me about helping me with rosters and other work. As I mentioned many times I create rosters just myself including attributes calculations and other stuff. But I am very glad that you are willing to help me. The best thing for me is if you send your addons in DDS or PNG files. It is easy for me to work with them. I will change them myself to work with ELITE ROSTER correctly. ? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to say many thanks to all donors who supported me during previous year. It motivate me to keep on working on it even though I have still less and less time because of my real job and my family. DONATE LINK: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=UP3EUAKMGAPD6 Default currency has been changed to EUR instead of CZK. Thank you for your understanding and I am looking forward to cooperating with all of you in this year.
  11. NEWS: Thanks to yan21 from http://www.slovakaddons.6f.sk/ I am very glad that I can announce a new version of TISPORT JERSEYS 2020-2021 which will be updated soon. Preview: They will be added in next version of ELITE JERSEYS with alternate jerseys from previous years (ELITE JERSEYS 2019-20) and some of new ones will be added. Also there will be changed numbers of available jerseys in roster file in NHLview. I am asking you for being patient. I believe that during next two week it could be done. I need to change all letters and numbers to have correct size and everything needs to be correct to work with ELITE ROSTER 2020-2021.
  12. Hey friend

    You did a great job congratulations, I only have one question, no alternative costumes for the teams?

    1. VojghiV


      Hi thank you very much. In the first version are only home and away jerseys. There are a lot of changes from previous year in Teams ID so I had to upload just these because there is still a lot of work to do.

      I am currently working on updating Tipsport ELH jerseys and then I am going to start editing alternative jerseys. Please be patient and I believe that during February will be a second version available.

      Thank you for your understanding and best regards.

  13. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://splinterice.com/files/file/1227-elite-roster-2020-2021/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEWS: ELITE JERSEYS 2020-2021 ADDED Torfs for All Teams New KHL and IIHF by zMaker (Other Leagues from previous years) Jerseys for All Teams New KHL and IIHF by zMaker (Other Leagues from previous years) ELITE ARENAS 2020-2021 Stick Pack 2020-2021 created by Ark (ELITE ARENAS 2020-2021) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Created Temporary Torfs and Jerseys for New Teams (Previews on Facebook Page) If you have new Torfs or Jerseys please contact me and I will add your work into the pack
  14. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://splinterice.com/files/file/1227-elite-roster-2020-2021/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEWS: ELITE ARENAS 2020-2021 ADDED Ices for All Teams created by Totty from season 2019-2020 (NLA added from previous years) Arenas for All Leagues created by Kane98 and xxxneedlesxxx (Arenas from previous years) Difficulty Level Upgraded aidata.viv file (modified for more equal gameplay)