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  1. Hello! What could be the problem? Jesey from Zmaker...The ID is correct, Ice is correct...

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    2. bold


      Ok, Thank you

    3. bold


      I did everything as you said, but unfortunately, the problem did not go away. What else can I do?

      Thank you.

    4. VojghiV


      Please send me printscreen of jerseys instlallation .bat file and mainly a picture of jerseys in the game which are missing.

  2. Hi bold please write me a message and I will help you.
  3. Hi all, I will be back. 😉 But now I have to pass all exams which are ahead of me during May and June in University so please respect that. 🙂 And as you have mentioned my family is growing so there is a lot of work to do. I have already created a plan for upcoming season and currently I am starting to work on a new system for player attributes. Soon I will post a new Teams ID 2022-2023 list. Also I want to separate new IDs for players so it is also very time consuming. Please understand that for upcoming season I do not have any messages about addons which they will be available for ELITE ROSTER. I can not promise you that I will even start working on ELITE ADDONS 22-23. My primary work will be on ELITE ROSTER. But in Teams ID list will be all values (string, art, etc.) for you so please create as much addons as possible. Thank you for your understanding and I am looking forward to upcoming season with you all. Bye.
  4. Hi. Where can I find the NHL 09\Documents folder?

  5. hi, can you tell me if there is a mod for season 97 on nhl 09? 

  6. Hi, I do not have permissions for using player photos in ELITE ADDONS from all authors so you can download them in download section or from last ELITE pack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1reXWnDcR2ecOCMuj_vNDczmJfS-PA8eT/view?usp=sharing Thank you for your understanding.
  7. What is your team? I tried schedules for few teams but maybe there should be an issue so I would like to fix it. Please let me know into messages. During that day there are those games:
  8. ELITE ADDONS 2021-2022 - LOGOS v1.0 Thanks to drgfan for his new logos for last 4 teams. They are currently added into the pack. Abbotsford Canucks, Coachella Valley Firebirds, Bietigheim Steelers and Straubing Tigers. Please download and install the newest version of 2. ELITE MENU 2021-2022: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dLFtBTgoqTuqOUfeXRLca0AUOf3Vx-qX?usp=sharing
  9. ELITE ROSTER 2021-2022 UPDATE v1.1.1 AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD IN DOWNLOAD CENTRE: https://splinterice.com/files/file/1389-elite-roster-2021-2022/ Final NHL Schedule included into Db files. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HOW TO CREATE NHL DYNASTY: 1. Run the game, choose dynasty mode and create a new one. 2. See NHL Schedule.jpg: 3. In the game substitute all green marked NHL teams according to NHL Schedule.jpg file. 4. Confirm the selection and begin the dynasty. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HOW TO CREATE NHL SEASON: 1. Run NHLView program and open the database files - db.viv and exhibition.exh. 2. See NHL Schedule.jpg: 3. For all green marked NHL teams, change league to Custom in NHLView (Teams-Data) and save. 4. Run the game, choose season mode - NHL and create a new one. 5. Substitute teams according to season division order like in NHL Schedule.jpg file. 7. Confirm the selection and begin the season. Do not run the first game now. 8. You need to exit the game, open NHLView again, and set a league for those green NHL teams back to NHL and save. 9. Run the game, load NHL season and play. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NHLView Download link: http://www.artemkh.com/nhlview.php
  10. ELITE GAMEPLAY SETTINGS 2021-2022 For Dynasty Mode and Season Mode you are forced to set Gameplay Settings again because when you create a new one there are default seetings imported. Defaut values are from old Mazda Gameplay Settings which are changed in ELITE ROSTER for exhibition mode but the default ones are staying the same. If someone have old Windows which still support NHL08DefaultSliderEditor program and he is able to set default values according to this. Please let me know. There you can see ELITE GAMEPLAY SETTINGS:
  11. ELITE ROSTER 2021-2022 UPDATE v1.1.0 AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD IN DOWNLOAD CENTRE: https://splinterice.com/files/file/1389-elite-roster-2021-2022/ All transfers are updated to 27.12.2021. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ELITE ROSTER LINES 2021-2022 v1.0 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Eu4yJfkIy-jIU-MyLJvzFBRs8KIcBtuYNqN9u_SVYOE/edit?usp=sharing New Transfers and Coaches update. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ELITE TEAMS ID LIST 2021-2022 v1.1.6 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tFtjdt6S0vgvWdnkEudrBGa8sgpOTSWveOqq-xqfXwA/edit?usp=sharing New coaches added. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ELITE FACEPLACE 2021-2022 v1.60 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hx1ZNnzQlStyFRtd9xooA9uQZhwPjYHtn8ddUGg9RUw/edit?usp=sharing New players and coaches added. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DONATE LINK https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=UP3EUAKMGAPD6 Thank you very much for your support.
  12. NEW INFO ABOUT NHL SCHEDULE For creating NHL dynasty mode you do not need to use NHLview program and changing league to Custom. Substitutions of all NHL teams to be according to NHL preview you can set in the game easily. Thank you for your understanding and I will update Read Me file as soon as possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Transfers for version 1.1: Jimi Jalonen SaiPa - XXX Libor Hudacek HC Lugano - Dinamo Minsk Greg Squires Kunlun Red Star - XXX Kirill Maximov Free Agents - Jukurit Artyom Blazhiyevsky CSKA Moskva - Traktor Chelyabinsk Vitali Abramov Traktor Chelyabinsk - CSKA Moskva Mike Yeo (HC) Philadelphia Flyers Dave Lowry (HC) Winnipeg Jets Nikolai Zavarukhin (HC) Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg Vladimir Krikunov (HC) Dinamo Riga Christof Kreutzer (HC) Schwenninger Wild Wings Jan Cadieux (HC) Geneve-Servette HC Karri Kivi (HC) Ässät Mikael Aaro (HC) Djurgårdens IF
  13. There is not a new pack. Please download these ones https://drive.google.com/file/d/1reXWnDcR2ecOCMuj_vNDczmJfS-PA8eT/view?usp=sharing and then you can download new ones from download sections. But in this pack there are all faces and cybers available that time.
  14. ELITE NHL SCHEDULE 2021-2022 v0.9.0 1. Download the file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OTgogYlmyCaJLNiEX7K5QM-RuJ-FXv-G/view?usp=sharing FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN !READ ME!.txt FILE 2. Paste these files into NHL 09 game folder (for example D/Games/NHL 09) - nhlsch_2.tdb, Schedule2021-2022.bat 3. Run Schedule2021-2022.bat file ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXCEL PREVIEW: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g9lc_eEaX2g_oBBMVgSNTocFw6-ylAeBfIgN6qZ2gLc/edit?usp=sharing NHL Schedule.jpg: AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD IN DOWNLOAD CENTRE AS WELL: https://splinterice.com/files/file/1389-elite-roster-2021-2022/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Because of the game limitations to use only 30 teams in NHL I was forced to create a modified version. There is only one place and you will have to decide which of these 3 teams you would choose to play - Arizona/Seattle/Vegas. This schedule is created defaultly for Arizona as a team on place 2 and Columbus on place 9. But as you can see there are variable places for teams Arizona and Columbus and when you play with Vegas or Seattle you need to move Columbus into the East conference. As you probably notice you can expect only one schedule for place(team) 2 and one for place(team) 9 no matter if you use that team or other team. To maintain all teams have the same number of games (78) it was neccesarry to add another 18 games. I created them according to real divisions and conferences (but with NHL 09 limitations). It was very hard but I created it in the best way as I could and there are only these two inaccuracies - LAK and EDM have together one extra game and All-Star Game is hard-coded in the game to be in January 25 so games which are planned to this day was set to January 26.
  15. ELITE NHL SCHEDULE 2021-2022 PREVIEW Everything seems to be all right about modified NHL schedule and I will upload it during tonight. There is a little preview: For more information please check this post: https://splinterice.com/topic/1835-elite-roster-2021-2022/?do=findComment&comment=29235 This would be the first version and it could contain some minor issues so I will need your opinions and reports to help me completing it to the final version. The main thing is that I had to add another 18 games to all teams have the same amount of games (78 - 39+39) because of divisions and conferences changes with Vegas and Seattle missing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to support me please use this donate link: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=UP3EUAKMGAPD6