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  1. I lost contact to him I think 2 years ago - I think he started to study and had no longer time for modding (he set his focus on studying which I could totally understand).
  2. I like what I see - I also tried to update the KHL for my own (like you know). IMHO ices should be all done in NHL format as I think the gameplay is better when using NHL format (smaller ices)
  3. The wore it against Dynamo Moscow in December 2015 (https://eng.hctraktor.org/media/photos/?top=1147)
  4. Hello together, anyone knows if/when Traktor wore those Jerseys: @zMaker: Have you made them - I think I saw once the jersey texture but I'm not sure if you have ever released it ?
  5. Happy birthday with all the best wishes @Skyline_r341
  6. Torpedo should use it for a special event - I really like it. @ZMaker: Concerning the logo on helmets: https://cdni.rt.com/russian/images/2020.01/article/5e247c12ae5ac94d3c21237f.jpg
  7. Looks like they have a sticker / label with an updated Sogaz logo on the helmet and Shipachyov lost it as on his helmet is shown the known (and acutal on your helmet graphic) logo
  8. Thanks @zMaker - can you please update the helmets too, the SOGAZ ad looks different on the helmet (watching a livestream at the moment).
  9. Thanks a lot @BergForce - I had version 21 - I'll download latest version (sorry my fault) - now back to allstar game (livestream) 🙂
  10. @BergForce exhibition.exh and exhibition.exha.tdb are not in your files included and I know that they will be create when launching the game for the first time. But there is a correspondence/dependence between db.viv and exhibition.exh. As I have your db.viv and the original exhibition.exh the roster is not correct. Try that. Open your db.viv and the exhibition.exh from the original game in NHLView and you will we see what I mean. You should include your exibition.exh into the download file.
  11. Where is the roster for LordHockey Mod - when I download it I only have db.viv but not the .exh file (maybe I missed something or did something wrong).