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  1. Patience is always a good key - people do have a private life and this has higher priority than hobby.
  2. Great jersey, perfectly done, awesome presentation and I like the rainbow shiny Splinterice logo (and the jersey which you have selected as new profile image).
  3. @Raf87: Good version - maybe the center and niké logo could be more sharp - attached some versions. No cristism, just trying to help (please don't misunderstand me).
  4. @Raf87: Great work and yeah sometimes the clubs changes something on ice - I just wanted to check AK Bars as I tried to do some ices at some weeks ago and the center looked different but your screenshot shows that you the clubs have changed it and that your version is correct. I think most drawing skills here does have @zMaker (but he has a lot to do with jerseys) and @senators96 maybe he could help. I still wonder where you have find all the ads (and center logos) - I search as lot but have not so many success (maybe because I still have to learn Cyrillic - but I'm old and old people don't learn so fast :-)) I also saw that a lot of team have added the Fonbet ad. And again: Great work
  5. I wish I had the skills to draw those. I saw the center logo of Torpedo but have to check the ice Kunlun. Maybe I'll find someone with good Photoshop skills. Do you have a video or images for the necessary Kunlun logo ?
  6. Great work @Skyline_r341, are you planning to do KHL ices ?
  7. @Ark: Please to reupload - would love to see your KHL sticks, too
  8. @Mirotvoretc: Great texture for KHL referee, and sorry for being nitpicky but shouldn't it be Season 2021-22 on the neck (back side) ? Maybe you could correct that - would be awesome
  9. @zMaker: You have keen eyes - @Yrall77: Maybe it is relevant for the boards too - had no time yet to check it.
  10. It may be a 5 minute job, but I don't know what everyone's priorities are. I'm patient and hope that Yrall77 will correct it. I'm a person who is still learning to handle Photoshop and who sucks at drawing graphics from scratch and also have problems (center Torpedo) to find some times the right ads - especially when it is cyrillic text, like for example the text near the Kubilin graphics (Torpedo), but maybe I'll start a new thread and get some help. I'm happy about everyone who is contributing and constructive critism is always accepted.
  11. Maybe @Yrall77 is doing the other boards first and then fix them in a second round or he is doing the next ones with the fixes and then fixes the ones he has already made. Be happy that he is doing boards - it is really appreciated
  12. @санек77: He is included in NHL Cyberface Pack #2 made by @greg88
  13. Hi @zMaker it looks like Admiral does not have the "75" patch on their home jerseys (maybe you could remove it and add A+C :-)) https://hcadmiral.ru/media_content/fotografii/admiral-dinamo-msk-3514092021 https://hcadmiral.ru/media_content/fotografii/admiral-severstal-4117092021