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  1. Hi @BergForce: I did the EuroMod Patch 2019/20 (which includes KHL) with the help of three other users of the NHL2004 forum but I won't do an update as it takes too much time and I have other priorities in life. I was happy to complete it (also with the huge help of @Cobratin I hope you understand me as you should know how much time consuming it is.
  2. Respect for doing these ices with so many ads
  3. @Slaventous: I hope you had a great birthday. I wish you health, joy and peace.
    A great patch with a lot of work invested (highest quality)
  4. So sad - reminds me of Bataclan. R.I.P. and my deepest condolences to the families and friends and to those who were injured I wish you a good recovery and mental strength.
  5. @Cobratin: Happy Birthday Vladimir, I wish you a great day and all of us a world in peace and politicans who care about the people.
  6. It would be great if you could mention the release date of the mod (which season is included)
  7. OK I do now understand your question. @jcnyr7: Where do you get your players photos from (e.g. AHLers) when there is no picture on NHL or ESPN website available (that is what @Andrey97 wanted to know) EDIT: Why being so rude @jcnyr7 - we only want to help when there is a language barrier
  8. If I remember correctly @jcnyr7 uses the IDs from EliteRoster. So what do you mean exactly with checking (how it looks in game or if it will be shown in game ? If it will be shown in the game could be easily checked with NHLView: View -> Resource Preview)
  9. @Cobratin, @senators96 @Stephenson: Uhh I think this is the son of Francktrainers911
  10. @Yrall77: I like the glass you have made so far and IF YOU FIND THE TIME I would love to see more.
  11. Looks like Sochi will get an updated ice (I assume they update the center logo as they have a new one) - in the last game there was no club logo in the center.