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  1. Yesterday was a sad day. Maradona was a legend and compared to Messi he did won the WC (feeling sad for Messi). Growing up in slums and being such talented (I don't know how old he was when he said he wants to be national and world champion) was his gift. He played excellent and scored so many great goals (well his hand goal and the kick to in the stomach of a Brazilian player were some negative aspects). Also that he could not play as he wanted when he came to Barcelona (I think it is often had for south american players to play in Europe). Well his "cocain affairs" were worse and I think this destroyed him, but anyway I had always respect for Maradona. Maybe he rest in peace.
  2. Happy Birthday, Anton. I wish you health and joy.
  3. Great Senators jersey, but I don't like that it will be Stützle's team
  4. Always these impatient people 🤬🙈 (no contribution ,no patience, no clue concering the workload)
  5. Best version I've seen so far (4th version) - excellent work @zMaker
  6. @zMaker - saw that Riga have added LSC on front (bottom) - sorry for the pics (away) - did not found better versions: Home: 14/10 against Lokomotiv: Away: 11/10: againt Minsk:
  7. Please check your roster via NHLView: Numbers of jersey should be set to 4 (I think the value in your roster is 2 and that is the reason why you don't see the pre-season jerseys in the game.
  8. Wow @zMaker, only AK Bars Kazan and then all teams are done (even VHL is already completely done) and the season has some weeks ago. I hope you'll find time / motivation to do special jerseys (like Traktors of 7th Oct).