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  1. @Serge_66 - DAZN even wants money for watching highlights (that is a shame - even NHL highlights are for free :-)) and the live stream on show mostly the player benches side (but it is good that you have great ressources to do you wonderful work)
  2. Maybe something for @senators96: BMSK of J. Lassinannti (HC Sochi):
  3. You are ultimate fast @Serge_66 🙂 Concerning boards - where do you get the info (I check live games but the camera is often directed to the player benches and it is very hard to find information concernig the side of the penalty boxes) - I'm just curious 🙂
  4. Nearly 50% of the ices already done - excellent @Serge66
  5. Excellent work @Serge66 - was a good game yesterday
  6. I hope that too. Are you planning to do ices and/or boards (I saw unfortunately not the board side of the penalty boxes - did not watch the whole game)
  7. What a start by CSKA - happy that there is hockey again
  8. A lot of improvements concerning logos and jerseys (like what I saw so far, also Spartak Moscow jerseys do look good)
  9. @tonight: Please be patient and I'm sure that it will be done (you just have to wait:-))
  10. I like the quberten.ru website (great presenations): Traktor new style is definately a boost (I really like these black and white styles - great design (jerseys, letters, number) and not too overloaded. Also Moscow is an improvement.