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  1. @славас: I'm very late but I wish you all the best and hope you had a great birthday.
  2. I doubt that there is such a MOD
  3. Hello @senators96: Would love to see a release of your L. Reichel cyberface - Thank you in advance.
  4. @Senators96: Great tutorial - what I do is to Rebuild the file at the end. (but I don't know if it is really necessary)
  5. @Vit: Thank you so much of taking care to release a KHL goalie pack.
  6. Thank you for all your facepacks and I know how much work it is (as I have done this job for NHL2004 - not exactly so hard, but also a huge job). And yes I can understand you - that is nowadays, people don't thank they even complain.
  7. Happy 44th birthday @Cobratin I wish you health and a good family situation and joy. Take care my friend.
  8. @dan2002cz: If you want something then do it on your own! Download an old Photoshop (for free) and a jersey template and then just do it (life is not always that you will get everything for free from someone).
  9. It is really a shame that there are still users who don't have respect and act like stupid idiots. Hopefully Karma will handle it.
  10. Sad to hear that he died. R.I.P. - always love to watch the games when he played against Kharlamov (also a LEGEND).
  11. DEL Ices are done and available for Download in SD/HD
  12. DEL_Ices2223_HD.rar View File DEL_Ices2223_HD.rar Submitter stlouis26 Submitted 01/22/2023 Category Ice and arena  
  13. Version 1.0.0