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  1. Listen to that: Rude writing (even not intended) will help you surely to get help.
  2. @Williams: Stop spamming this threaed - I wrote you what you should do. @Totty: Shall we sent him an offer 🙂 ?
  3. Why don't you make it on your own. Download the Ices done by Totty and use the NHL format ice template
  4. @zMaker: Sorry I meant 2001/02 (typo error) - the one you already made. I searched if I could find pictures from games, but I had no success (but I won't give up).
  5. Awesome jerseys @zMaker - where do you find image material for these jerseys or e.g. for Omsk 2011/12 ?
  6. @j4mmp4: Great work - have you ever thought about doing WCH 2016 goalies ?
  7. Happy birthday - you are exactly 7 years older than my son (hope you had also a great party :-))
  8. @zMaker: Just WOW what you have done with VHL teams - what a qualtity and pace - just AMAZING 💪 It was a pleasure to help with packing letters and numbers.
  9. I think people should make the experiences. Keep also in mind schedules, facepack .... Why is not elite mod updated (as info: no cristism - I know it is time-consuming): NHL facepack were done, but other league, then jerseys, crowds, arena, cyberfaces ........ it is a huge workload (I know what I'm talking about). @Demoul: You work SHL and NLA is being missed :-(, but I know why it is like this (we all do have a private life and this is good :-))
  10. As I don't speak Russian, maybe someone could comment on: https://vk.com/lordhockeyproject that it is really poor only to use the SpenglerCup jerseys for TPS and Davos. Where are the jerseys of the 19/20 season ?
  11. Oh please Lord sent some wisdom to BergForce. But zMaker maybe you can do it like the RHLgroup - just use watermarks (just a quick and not good example):
  12. @PavelShelt: You have to check if the NumberOfJerseys in NHLVIEW has the corect value.
  13. Moved it to "Other additions"