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  1. Happy 40th birthday @слава
  2. @VojghiV: I wish you good luck for your exams and that you find time to do the "family" work - these things have prio.
  3. Does this mean you find the logo ?
  4. The only way to create a huge mod in my opinion is teamwork. One person is reponsible for the framework/roster 2-3 people do ices 2-3 people do jerseys 2-3 people do facepacks 2-3 people do cybers .... -> That is how it was possible to release EuroMod 2020 for NHL 2004 - which is in my opinion 80% of perfect. All people who came up so so far (LordHockey Mod, Mod from salak53) tried to do it an other way which was a bit of "grabbing and not crediting (or asking before in a correct way)
  5. You should stay away and never use anything created by zMaker again. You have lost all your trust and your try to apologize comes much too late - better said you ignored what you promised. Sometimes the trust in a person is lost (too many faults from your side) - just my 2 cents.
  6. Great - I had not much time to search for good images, but I was not successful - so I'm really happy to you seem to find better images
  7. Thank you - had a great day with my parents, my sister and her husband.
  8. Hi Vladimir, looks like PayPal (stupid) has changed something as I can't transfer money to you anymore. An other option may be patreon.com. The problem is that if they send me the moneey it is still not where it belongs to (you). An other option may be wise.com
  9. Happy Birthday sadovnik77. I wish you health and joy and a great day even in these "dark" times.
  10. Great ice and like written via PM: I'm so happy that I could help a little bit
  11. Happy Birthday to @zMaker, who has been a good friend since many years. I wish you a great day, health, joy.
  12. There are some Finnish people at the NHL2004 forum, I'll ask them, maybe someone could help
  13. Bit OT but why do so many players leave KHL teams at the moment ?