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  1. @senators96. Thank you - I opened the svg in Photoshop and saved then it as png. And thank you for helping out JimmyBonomo with the logo in Demoul style.
  2. @senators96: Good work - do you have this logo (non edited) as PNG in that size ? And @JimmyBonomo asked me via PM for this logo ("your" stlye) for South Korea and Great Britain maybe you can help him
  3. @Serge_66: So happy to see your post to know that you are OK. Everything else is not so important. Sometimes we have to focus on other things in life. All the best.
  4. Roman I wish you a great birthday, health, joy and a great day !.
  5. Great work, I really like it and would love to see more of your work (but take your time - no need to hurry)
  6. I also do hope that @Serge_66 is fine - sometimes people do set other priorities (me too).
  7. @senators96: Was there a goalie pack for WCOH 2016 or a mod or do you have more goalie stuff for WCOH 2016 ?
  8. @BV4ka: Happy birthday and all the best wishes.
  9. Finally BUG... got his ban (I knew it would not take long time). And "HIS" KHL.rar is 100% not his work (he just "collected" it.
  10. Happy Birthday, @senators96. I wish you a grfeat day, health and joy.
  11. @BUG1234566778: I highly recommend to bump your thread every day - this will give you the new nickname Francktrainers911 or HygieneSalubriete. Be patient and stop spamming !