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  1. Слава, I wish you a great birthday, health and joy.
  2. Hi @redfury91, thank you for sharing the jerseys. I really like that Timra is back in SHL, was a bit surprised about HV71 going down and a bit disappointed that Rögle did not win the finals (because Seider was playing there - it would have been great for him), but Väjxö deserved it. Hope you are doing well.
  3. Awesome - have already reached the "I have done 100 NHL jerseys" mark ? Incredible.
  4. @Miloch: good work, can you please post which goalie these pads belong to Krasikov ? Kubalkov ? ..... Would really appreciate an answer.
  5. I wish all orthodox people happy EASTER days.
    Great work @Totty, any chance to upload the HD version to an other place and post here a link.
  6. And I want to thank you @Totty for all these releases
  7. This is how a thread should start - with thankful words to artists who gave permission
  8. I know why you did them in that way and I don't have any problems with that - for me everything is OK
  9. I mean there are no big/fsh-files (for me it is no problem and it is good as they are not for a specific roster). I just thougth about some lazy users who will blame you for that (everything is fine for me :-))
  10. These are no cyberface - these are facepack (and "only" the pngs - no offense - just a correction).
  11. Thank you all for the kind words.
  12. I always thought that people who could write can also read but I have to rethink about that