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  1. If someone has a cyber for Pavel Khomchenko and/or Maxim Dorozhko please share it.
  2. @Bergforce: Which template do you use for international ice - would try do some SHL ices
  3. No sorry, I was not sure which goalie will the be 2nd for SKA. Him or maybe Kirill Obyskalov (but I don't have a cyber neither for Nikolayev nor Obyskalov) - thank you @Stephenson for this hint.
  4. Thank you @bold: I have meanwhile found it also on wasserlasser, but I appreciate that you have posted it.
  5. Thank you @Stephenson (really appreciated). still missing are: Konstantin Volkov (Dynamo Moscow) Matt Jurusik (Kunlun) [forget hm in my previous post] EDIT: I found a cyber for Ilya Proskuryakov (Traktor) (Peedy20 - wasserlasser)
  6. I would like to do a KHL 22/23 goalie pack as it would be a shame if all the work done by so many authors would not result in a goalie pack. I searched cybers for KHL goalies but I had no success for: Stanislav Galimov (Avangard) Vladimir Galkin (Avtomobilist) Konstantin Volkov (Dynamo Moscow) Andrei Kareyev (Salavat) Ivan Kulbakov and Andrei Tikhomirov (Torpedo) Ilya Proskuryakov (Traktor) If anyone has a cyber it would be great if you could post and if you know the author then please also state the author (as I have some cybers and I don't know the author, but I would credit all the authors).
  7. @Bergforce: I'm fascinated how fast you release the ices (I know that there are not so many changes but for me it took hours to find the "new" graphics".
  8. @Vit: I like the new logo and tried to find it in a good resolution but I only found it in 400x400 px - if you have the logo (without any effects) in a higher resolution I would appreciate if you could post it or share a link where to find it. Thank you.
  9. Great work @Bergforce (I'm happy that the season has started)
  10. Sorry my inbox was full - if you want a one year subscription then sent me a PM.

  11. Great work Vlad - if you need help for packing stuff feel free to contact me - I have off until12th September and have time (except some days when I have to go to the doctor for the treatments (changing surgical dressing / removing the cramps).
  12. @Den24: Happy Birthday Master of Torfs. Hope you have a great day and I wish you health and peace for the future.