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  1. OK maybe a language barrier, but it sounds a little bit demanding and "attacking"
  2. @Spartan: Please think before you write. He wrote that he will Publish Lauko later - so be patient or do it on your own if you can't wait. Next time you'll get a warning.
  3. I doubt that he is playing the Hearshey Bears - he played there last season as it is the Farmteams of the Caps - I think he has no club at the moment as Calgary released him from his Tryout (PTO)
  4. I know that you have good source - thanks @Tyson12. I'm willing to help find sponsor images if needed (no time tomorrow but then as the evenings are getting grey and dark :-))
  5. So awesome to see something again from Master @Demoul - amazing work. Any chance to you will do SHL jerseys ?
  6. You are totally right. I hope to get more motivation when the two lazy kids are older and my housework will be less 🙂
  7. @BergForce: You are right if someone release something it should be usable for everyone, BUT it is an act of politeness to ask the authors BEFORE using it, and as you saw 99% of the authors will allow it 🙂
  8. Such things are always sad to hear. My wife also died due to cancer (Leukaemia). I wish his family/friends stregth and the power to continue life and keep him always in mind. R.I.P.
  9. @Demoul: I totally agree. I think one problem (also mine) is that people try to do too many things instead of focussing on few things. And after job, work at home I sometimes don't have the motivation to "study" tutorials (I'm old and tired :-)) And: Great to see you back.
  10. He will wait till Sankt-Nimmerleins-Tag 🙂
  11. Congrats @VojghiV - and take the time you'll need.
  12. You are a Master @Ark - the stick production machine - excellent.
  13. Maybe they have money and don't need all the sponsors 🙂
  14. What a pace - great job @Totty