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  1. @kozun: Open your roster with NHLView and set the number of jersey to 4 for Dallas
  2. You are doing an amazing job - especially number work is phenomenal
  3. It is amazing and fascinating how fast you have produced the jerseys for a whole (a not a small one) league not forget to mention with an outstanding accurracy. Thank you @zMaker
  4. His cybers are top notch quality - thank you @greg88
  5. "Made by zMaker" is like "Made in Germany" for some things - excellent quality ?
  6. Great work, btw you posted it a mask (#31) at wasserlasser.com - which goalie does wear it ?
  7. @Totty: Great work and good to see sth from you. Freut mich, von dir wieder was zu sehen. Vielleicht melde ich mich mal wegen ein paar Ads, die ich für 2004 brauchen könnte (ein paar habe ich schon gemacht, aber deine Qualität ist besser).
  8. listen to this until it is ready !:
  9. @JimmyBonomo: Good tip with the shoulder - I also recommend to center the face - in your example it is "moved" too much to the left side. @Nik228: Use the website suggested from senators96 (I also use it very often and it is really helpful).
  10. @Nik228: it is a great start and I like them - take your time like @zMaker wrote - the details make a good jersey in my opinion and I always prefer quality than quantity.
  11. @Ark: my best wishes for 2021 to you and thank you so much for the stick pack (excellent work)
  12. I wish all orthodox people "С РОЖДЕСТВОМ!" - I hope you can enjoy the day even we are living in a "strange" time - may you have a great time with family and maybe friends around you.