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  1. Sad to hear that he died. R.I.P. - always love to watch the games when he played against Kharlamov (also a LEGEND).
  2. DEL Ices are done and available for Download in SD/HD
  3. DEL_Ices2223_HD.rar View File DEL_Ices2223_HD.rar Submitter stlouis26 Submitted 01/22/2023 Category Ice and arena  
  4. Version 1.0.0


  5. DEL_Ices2223_SD.zip View File DEL_Ices2223_SD.zip Submitter stlouis26 Submitted 01/22/2023 Category Ice and arena  
  6. Version 1.0.0


  7. @Bergforce: Thank you. Would be great if you could update Traktor (Centre):
  8. @Bergforce: Looks like Traktor stays with the 75 center logo and I saw that a logo was added on Kunlun ice (above Rostelecom). Could only make a bad screenshot but just that you will see what I mean:
  9. I got the lprow-Template and will switch to it and do an update of the ices and hopefully complete DEL (maybe SHL afterwards, but as I don't have a lot of freetime it will take some time).
  10. I doubt as I will have problems to find videos/I don't know the teams and especially the ads (I think they will be in Cyrillic language). Furthermore I don't have off anymore - next time end of march (around turning 50 years old).
  11. @Totty: ja ich habe sie importiert - die Previews sind SD - getestet habe ich mit der HD-Grafik - ich mache mal noch einen Test mit der SD-Version - die restlichen 2 sollte ich heute oder morgen noch fertig bekommen. Und wegen den Likes - meine erste DEL-Eisfläche war vor über 10 Tagen online, wart mal ab wie viel Likes noch bei dir kommen, vielleicht ist einfach, weil sich einige User gefreut haben, dass ich auch mal etwas mache 🙂
  12. Great to see you back. As you have been away so long I also have started to do DEL ices (except two) last week (as I had off:
  13. @Bergforce: Don't understand you, you correct stuff from @Vit (which is OK) but blame @слава when he wrote a hint for Pavel Khomchenko pads (who is the author - you should post it if you are not the author).
  14. Here are the files BHimport20.bat addon_installer20.bat
  15. DEL ICES (previews in SD, plan is to release a SD and HD DEL Ice pack): Augsburg/Berlin/Bietigheim/Bremerhaven/Düsseldorf/Frankfurt/Ingolstadt/Iserlohn/Köln Mannheim/München/Nürnberg/Schwenningen