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  1. You won't get better if you don't invest time and only request
  2. 🙂 that is a huge request - start doing it on your own - facepacks are not so complicated.
  3. Great work @zMaker, @senators96 and @Andrei4589 @zagitov21: no comment - check the ID and the ID in your roster (if it does not fit you use a diffent roster, but then don't blame the author )
  4. Awesome work @Spidey: Would love to see the mask of Alexander Sharychenkov (HC Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk) (see page 1 post from Tyson12)
  5. @zagitov21: Black home, white away, yellow alternate (https://www.jokerit.com/punakeltaisuus-vahvasti-lasna-palataan-juurillemme)
  6. Thanks for coming back @Vojghi - your roster work is outstanding
  7. I hope that Jokerit finally learn that they have not to change the ads on the jerseys so often 🙂 I like all the jerseys for the 19/20 season so far - not overloaded !
  8. @zMaker: The new logo is AWESOME.
  9. Thanks for the info and I do understand that there is no sense to make pre-season sets.
  10. @DenisJulia: Good torfs, maybe you could add the MasterCard logo on the front (no cristism, just a hint)
  11. Great work @zMaker: Do you know if the jerseys worn by Omsk the last games are pre-season jerseys or if they will wear it in the 19-20 season. The more I see them the more I like them.
  12. I'm so happy about this thread - and happy about the season start (counting the days :-))
  13. This is an excellent thread and I'm happy about every contribution. @Spidey: Awesome that you'll help - would love to see a version of Sharychenkov's mask (this mask looks fantastic)
  14. Just curious: How do you know how the ice will look like if the season has not started yet ?
  15. Hi @zMaker, it is a great patch but I think you have missed to include Austria by accident - maybe you can upload an updated version. THX.

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