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  1. So sad to hear. I was a teen when Roxette had their hits like Joyride, Listen to your heart, Spending my time and felt in love for the first time. Always loved them and Marie fighted tough against cancer. R.I.P. Marie
  2. KHL Allstar - the longer I saw them the more I like: https://www.khl.ru/news/2019/12/03/460481.html
  3. Still working on a private mod for 2004 but Ufa is team #22 in my roster and I still need to convert the jerseys - so I have to admit that I have not checked it yet. But I'm happy that you have detected it.
  4. @Anton10: Sorry for being late. I hope you had a great day and a nice party. I wish you all the best (joy, health, ....)
  5. Happy birthday @Andrei4589 Have a great party and I wish you all the best (health, joy, ........)
  6. I know that you have written about Hrubec - I thought in general that goalies change their pads. Maybe @redfury91 found an older image where Hrubec had red pads - as he also did the white ones for me everything is fine.
  7. @BergForce: I think if possible realistic versions should be done, but goalies do often change their pads, so some graphics are outdated. Therefore actual images (like post: Posted Tuesday at 11:35 AM) are helpful and I think then @redfury91 will post an updated version. But due to technical game limitation for Kovars pads neither either be red (like we prefer) or white.
  8. @redfury91: I just wanted to say that I prefer the pads in red than in white (so we do have the same opinion) 🙂
  9. I think with the actual models it is not possible to have different colors but I also would tend to a red version.
  10. @Totty: Sorry for being nitpicky: 99% perfect, but the last one Minsk still needs a correction (bei Minsk ist es noch etwas nach oben gerutscht - sorry bin pingelig)
  11. Sorry for German language: @Totty: Top Arbeit wie immer, aber kann es sein, dass die Ebene mit dem Eis bei Traktor, Amur, Spartak, Sibir, Lokomotiv, Dynamo Moskau, Dinamo Minsk und SKA leicht nach oben verrutscht ist. Normalerweise hat die Grafik oben und unten eine dünne blaue Linie, aber bei den genannten ist oben keine blaue Linie unten dafür eine dickere. Ich hoffe, du weisst was ich meine.
  12. 2:1 Lokomotive hopefully (keep my fingers crossed)
  13. Protecting files, watermarking graphics is only the result of faults in the past as there were "addon-stealers". Some years ago I asked Dmipas if I could you his graphics for a 04 mod (I asked normally in a polite way and what was the result: He gave me permission). But as some people never learned it rhl-mod protected their files and watermarked the graphics - I can understand that. I'm still a user of RHL-mod.ru I removed the graphic which was taken over from rhl-mod.ru without asking.
  14. @Miloch: Are you Dmipas or why do you post his work here ?

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