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  1. Excellent boards and my help for Kunlun was 1%, @Ivan gave the best hint and you had the work
  2. @Ivan: only your hint helped me to search for the logo - so THANK YOU
  3. @zMaker: Please check your mobile - I think the forum should survive some time again 🙂
  4. I wish Switzerland could get the world championsship in 2021 - in these times I'll stay at home and enjoy positive music - don't understand anything but I like it: And I watch travel videos (from Iohan who is cycling the world by bike and Noraly by Motorbike). Stay all healthy.
  5. I think I'll contact you end of next week - we will keep the site alive. Everybody take care and protect the old people.
  6. Excellent work @Serge66 thank you so much for all your work.
  7. Totally agree with you - even it is so boring without sport events (but at the moment health has the highest priority). And yes Spartak had the chance to win against Dynamo (some teams gets a real boost from their fans - e.g. Eintracht Frankfurt in German soccer league).
  8. It was written in a swiss hockey portal. They also write that Barys home games will be without spectators. Last Dyn-Spartak battle was also without spectators - it was a decision of the major IIRC.
  9. Great job @Serge_66, heard that Jokerit has "removed" their team due to "Covid-19"
  10. Happy birthday @zMaker, all important things are already said but these great forum members. I wish you especially health and people who recognize your talents. Have a great day and take care.
  11. Maybe I overacted and I really like that everything is fine now. Keep on modding and I wish you both success with your projects.