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  1. here is the SD 1024x2048 version standard res, standard look
  2. I have updated the preview images of the ices with all the new changes I made with the template and fixes to ad logos ALL ad logos should now be correct and in the correct colors here are the HD 2048x4096 ices as you will see no 2 ices are the same in look, I gave each ice it's own unique look as you see it on broadcast or highlight video from the amount of ice layering to the color of the line markings the HD version is high detail and will give you a much more immersive experience
  3. ooohh I hope this is it... I am updating the pack now with final touches I made to template the hash marks and face off dots on the player bench side needed to go closer to the boards noooowww everything should be perfect, I double checked after fixing this so yeah... pack will be updated in next 24 hours barring any more ad logo changes...
  4. as long as the credit goes where it should for the work... you can use face packs when I'm done those also... I don't charge for my mods but I will always accept gratuity
  5. from Wasserlasser site...
  6. I run the game on 2 PC's my gaming PC: i7 9700KF Overclocked @ 4.7GZH 32GB DDR4 M.2 and SSD RTX 3060Ti (original non LHR) my TV general entertainment PC i5 9600F 16GB DDR4 SSD GTX 1050 2GB both pc's run the game flawlessly... just these new arena mods by Kane98 are crashing it... it must be how he is making them, texture thing... but all his other arena's mods work fine for me... I dunno
  7. only the latest arena mods from Kane98 (Wasserlasser) are crashing my game now so I cant use them he made new mod for Detroit, Dallas and Islanders and they crash my game... no other mod has ever crashed my game ever... only wrong installation of mods will crash you
  8. @stlouis26 Fanatics SportsBook logo
  9. it was bugging me to much so I had to really check... the right side was perfect, the left was off... now everything is in line and proper
  10. never mind this... it's just how this old game is... they line up for face offs differently all the time.... the dots and circles are placed perfectly in my template as are all the center dots and lines I will wait another day for any more possible ad logo changes or suggestions for the template before updating the file
  11. also, I realize the hash marks (throw circles) whatever you want to call them... they can go at least 2 pixels closer to the goal line, as player line up for face offs I notice this on both sides, I will test a fix for this and see how it looks
  12. so HD version like SD like this
  13. the blue line images are digital and always change so no need to worry about those...
  14. also, for the SD versions... I make the ice all in 2048x4096 resolution then simply change it to 1024x2048 before making them into .fsh should I just use the 2048x4096 .png and save it the SD .fsh file version instead ? I feel like it will look better this way
  15. if any one else can tell me of any other ad logos that need to be changed please let me know, I will update the pack once every team is how it should be... if there are any other suggestions to the template or look of the ices also let me know and I will make changes for the final update...