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  1. Once again, apologies to all waiting on the KHL playoff face pack life has gotten in the way of production so I will need a few more days.... I know some teams are already out like my boys it was a good run ! I only have 3 more teams to finish but there are also some teams that have players without ELITE id so I will be releasing the pack as is first then I will update it when these players have proper id's Thank you all for your patience
  2. sorry to everyone waiting on the KHL playoffs face pack I have not been able to reach my own deadline... I have 7 of 16 teams done so far... I will have it done by the end of the week thanks
  3. I have uploaded a FULL pack for all 31 NHL teams instead of updating each pack individually get it in downloads enjoy ! HOCKEY IS LIFE
  4. View File 2019-2020 NHL Face Pack (Elite Faceplace) 2407 player photos updated to March 11 2020 .big for all 31 NHL organizations not linked to any roster https://www.eliteprospects.com/league/nhl Submitter jcnyr7 Submitted 02/29/2020 Category Faces  
  5. Version 2.0


    2407 player photos updated to March 11 2020 .big for all 31 NHL organizations not linked to any roster https://www.eliteprospects.com/league/nhl
  6. 2019-20 trade deadline and earlier transactions updates coming soon !! ALL 31 of my 2019-20 NHL face packs will be updated and re-branded to version 2.0 also, I will do my best to have the splinterice.com EXCLUSIVE KHL playoffs face pack ready for this coming Sunday evening stay tuned !
  7. View File 2019-20 HC Vitkovice Face Pack 31 player photos Submitter jcnyr7 Submitted 02/12/2020 Category Faces  
  8. Version 1.0.0


    31 player photos
  9. Hi all, I decided to complete the HC Vitkovice face pack regardless of them not having a proper set of team photos anywhere... I made the pack with photos sourced from Google It will be released once I get 2 missing ELITE id's for the pack here is a preview also, KHL playoffs are almost here ! as a special bonus EXCLUSIVE to the splinterice community I will be releasing one FULL pack consisting of only the teams that clinch a playoff spot I have already started with the teams that have clinched and I will be sure to keep an eye out for the remaining teams fighting for position I will have the pack ready for playoff time !
  10. View File 2019-20 TELH transaction updates face pack 5 player photos updated Submitter jcnyr7 Submitted 02/09/2020 Category Faces  
  11. Version 1.0.0


    5 player photos updated
  12. Try-out contracts.... if they sign I will add them
  13. packs updated https://splinterice.com/profile/4637-jcnyr7/content/?type=downloads_file next updates will be after trade deadline Feb 24
  14. @Serpen you're saying Hickey is showing as Montour ?