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  1. https://www.eliteprospects.com/team/60/detroit-red-wings/depth-chart?sort=player as I said, I use the team depth chart and he is on the list he is still part of the organization
  2. Hey all ! hope everyone enjoyed the holidays just a heads up over the next week or so I will be updating ALL my NHL face packs with all the player photos that are currently absent from the packs... I use Elite Prospects .com team depth charts to determine who and how many players will be in each pack and I have decided to completely fill each teams pack accordingly here is a list of who will be added -Carolina- Jacob Kucharski -Columbus- Peter Quenneville -Chicago- Dominic Basse Ivan Nalimov Mathew Thompson Spencer Watson Wouter Peters -Colorado- Justus Annunen Petr Kvaca Shamil Shmakov Trent Miller -Detroit- Alexander Kadeykin -Florida- Alexander Delnov Benjamin Finkelstein Carter Berger Cole Krygier Justin Shutz Karch Bachman Logan Hutsko Maxwell Gildon Miguel Fidler Owen Lindmark Patrick Shea Santtu Kinnunen Tyler Inamoto Yaroslav Kosov -Minnesota- Andrei Svetlakov Filip Lindberg Kiril Kaprizov Nick Swaney Sam Hentges Simon Johansson Vladislav Firstov -Montreal- Arvid Henrikson Kieran Ruscheinski -Nashville- Ethan Haider Hardy Haman-Aktell Isak Walther Jachym Kondelik Konstantin Volkov Marc Del Gaizo Milan Kloucek Patrick Harper Semyon Chistyakov Spencer Stastney -New Jersey- Christoph Bertschy Vojtech Mozik -New York Islanders- Anatoli Golyshev Andong Song Benjamin Mirageas Christian Krygier Cole Coskey Collin Adams Jacob Pivonka Johan Sundstrom Kristers Gudlevskis Logan Cockerill Nick Pastujov Robin Salo Ruslan Iskhakov -Philadelphia- Ivan Fedotov Matej Tomek Valeri Vasilyev Yegor Serdyuk -Pittsburgh- Andrei Pedan Ryan Jones William Reilly -San Jose- Emil Galimov Jasper Weatherby John Leonard Karlis Cukste Mike Robinson Santeri Hatakka Scott Reedy Timur Ibragimov -Tampa Bay- Vasili Koshechkin -Vancouver- Aidan McDonough Artyom Manukyan Arvid Costmar Carson Focht Jack Malone Karel Plasek Linus Karlsson Matthew Thiessen William Lockwood -Vegas- Brandon Kruse Jack Dugan Jordan Kooy Slava Demin -Washington- Alex Kannok-Leipert Damien Riat Sergei Kostenko -Winnipeg- Arvid Holm Austin Wong Croix Evingson Henri Nikkanen Ivan Telegin Jared Moe Nathan Smith Pavel Kraskovsky Santeri Virtanen in the meantime you can still enjoy ALL my packs here https://splinterice.com/profile/4637-jcnyr7/content/?type=downloads_file
  3. @sadovnik77 I very much appreciate your work ! if you have time and or feel like it may I request some cybers ? Brendan Smith (update needed) Danny O'Regan Steve Fogarty (update needed) Yegor Rykov Boo Nieves
  4. jcnyr7


    If you have Discord add me for an invite to my NHL09 channel thanks !! Stugots #5238
  5. Thank you for the update ! But..... Vancouver ice lol Cavendish logo should only be beside TD bank Logo, the side with Lyft logo still should have Panago logo
  6. Vancouver has changed the Panago logo to Cavendish beside TD logo now your ice new logo
  7. Thank you for amazing work ! but I did notice a few discrepancies firstly I play the game in broadcast view, always have, and I mentioned this to you a while back before Hartford ice is facing wrong way in broadcast view and I saw 2 other minor mistakes also Hartford Phantoms no rush, enjoy the holidays ! thank you again Fröhliche Weihnachten !!!
  8. thank you for the amazing work ! however Philadelphia Flyers ice is wrong, just center ice https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/flyers/flyers-paint-ice-wells-fargo-center-and-theres-difference-years-past new ice your ice
  9. maybe not.... I can't find and actual photo of it sorry, I've been looking for 3 hours maybe try to freeze a shot from this vid, there is a good look at the logo towards the end of the vid
  10. http://www.providencebruins.com/partnerships/current-partners I think you have it right the logo is in this list
  11. https://www.alliedprinting.com/
  12. https://www.alliedprinting.com/
  13. https://www.cbs-gisx.com/ http://www.hockeyeastonline.com/images/logos/2014/logos.php i'm trying to find the others
  14. View File 2019-20 Rytiri Kladno Face Pack 26 player photos Submitter jcnyr7 Submitted 12/21/2019 Category Faces