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  1. Help with hacking hex for 16:9 1080p I used all the files that were given and it’s not working does anyone have any solutions or fix besides the stretch method?
  2. I did all the instructions in this file and everything and it still doesn’t work idk if it’s cause my game runs on administrator or something or if there’s something I’m doing wrong or if i Need to do the hex strings manually if anyone can help me out that would be much appreciated thx
  3. Can someone help me out I did all the instructions in the file and it’s still not working idk if it’s cause my game is run on admin or something like i just wanna figure this out it’s impossible for me to figure out any help would be appreciated
  4. How do I make this resolution work for 1600x900 if anyone knows how feel free to comment
  5. when i click on this it dont come up it says file unavailble or make sure file is correct