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  1. As I don't speak Russian, maybe someone could comment on: https://vk.com/lordhockeyproject that it is really poor only to use the SpenglerCup jerseys for TPS and Davos. Where are the jerseys of the 19/20 season ?
  2. Oh please Lord sent some wisdom to BergForce. But zMaker maybe you can do it like the RHLgroup - just use watermarks (just a quick and not good example):
  3. @PavelShelt: You have to check if the NumberOfJerseys in NHLVIEW has the corect value.
  4. Moved it to "Other additions"
  5. You are on fire @zMaker - excellent work like always. And thanks to DenisJulia for the torfs.
  6. Thank you for this wonderful patch @zMaker and DenisJulia
  7. Hello @zMaker, great news. If you need help concerning packing the png into fsh then just a PM.
  8. I thought this thread is for KHL 🙂
  9. Hi @zMaker: I'm not sure about the logo update, but concerning the structure it should be more like this, but the blue around Suomi and left of right (in the line) of the lion should be darker: Here is an image from the IIHF website :
  10. Excellent - little bit sad that the WC won't happen in real
  11. Maybe for the others as custom and a txt-file with the IDs so that everyone can adapt it if necessary
  12. Wow the lower image - but I think the upper (portrait) show the colour in a good way, so I think @zMaker nailed it perfectly
  13. I should have known that you have better eyes than me (I just compared with the previous version instead of looking for images of the real jersey) - so please apologize.
  14. HI @zMaker: one question concerning the Denmark white jersey. Shouldn't be the lion (layer) on top not be over the other layer. To show what I mean (the horizontal stripe lays over the lion (see light blue marking) - hope you know what I mean:
  15. Good to know - I think you KHL referee is outdated, maybe an artist here will post an actual version
  16. Yes I have it running on Win10, but sometimes it get to much "focus", that means that you can't change to other programms via ALT+TAB (you then have to minimize the CS2 "window"), but that doesn't bother me too much - I'm happy to have it for free. Did a test with PS2020 (trial version), but I'm not that professional and for my purposes CS2 is good enough.
  17. If you can't handle it, we do you then need a cracked PS CC 2020 ? Seriously I'm a againt software piracy and you could also start learning with CS2 🙂
  18. @BergForce: Maybe you could install Photoshop CS2 (I know it is 10 years old) parallel to paint.net - CS2 is available for free (official version from Adobe).
  19. I watched games live in Germany and Switzerland but I have never seen such a clean ice like on screenshot number 1, therefore I prefer the ices from lprow28, Serge_66 and JasonKing (they know what they do and as the snow and scratches are layers in the PSD file ice creator can disable them if they don't want to have them (otherwise it will be a never ending discussion :-))