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  1. OK I do now understand your question. @jcnyr7: Where do you get your players photos from (e.g. AHLers) when there is no picture on NHL or ESPN website available (that is what @Andrey97 wanted to know) EDIT: Why being so rude @jcnyr7 - we only want to help when there is a language barrier
  2. If I remember correctly @jcnyr7 uses the IDs from EliteRoster. So what do you mean exactly with checking (how it looks in game or if it will be shown in game ? If it will be shown in the game could be easily checked with NHLView: View -> Resource Preview)
  3. @Cobratin, @senators96 @Stephenson: Uhh I think this is the son of Francktrainers911
  4. @Yrall77: I like the glass you have made so far and IF YOU FIND THE TIME I would love to see more.
  5. Looks like Sochi will get an updated ice (I assume they update the center logo as they have a new one) - in the last game there was no club logo in the center.
  6. Keen eyes @Totty. @Darksodom: looks like I'm still tired 🙂
  7. Hi Oskars, happy new year and all the best wishes for 2024. Can you maybe create the new logo for HC Sochi (https://shop.hcsochi.ru/upload/logo/LOGO_SOCHI.svg) in this style like you did for example for SKA and maybe update the logo for the Scoreclock ? Thank you in advance and take your time.
  8. @VojghiV wrote once that he wants to have all ices for EliteRoster in NHL format as this is better for gameplay.
  9. Thank you @Bergforce - the second one is very helpful. And also thank you for the two ices.
  10. Thanks to @cobratin for providing the graphics and @Bergforce for the update (I still struggle to do KHL ices (especially when the ads contains Cyrillic text - shame on me I should have learned it, e.g. the text on Admiral ice the text under the symbol between the Haier and FonBet ad). @Bergforce: Do you plan to the KHL Allstar ice ?
    If possible I would give 10 stars for this amazing patch (highest quality)
  11. @VojghiV: Can you please give S. Ivanov (Goalie for Admiral) an Cyberface ID ?
  12. @jcnyr7: Find another small things to fix for Columbus Blue Jackets - there is no text Boundless Energy below the American Electric Power Logo: Check it at 7 seconds in the video. Furthermore the Vector Security logo is incorrect - it should like the one which is on Carolina's ice (see at 19 seconds)
  13. @Bergforce: There is German/US website which also have mods - wasserlasser.com
  14. @jcnyr7: You are too fast for me (sorry had absolutely no time recently to check highlight videos). Thanks also to @Totty for giving an update. Crashes may be caused if to large textures are included and may depend on the system you have.
  15. I have done DEL already but on ESCI template. Furthermore I plan to do SHL. For the 23/24 season V wants to have all ices in NHL format (even in real the ices are larger than NHL size) for a better gameplay 🙂
  16. @jcnyr7: The Gfl logo on Hurricanes ice is light green: GFL.svg 2:25
  17. @jcnyr7: Will you give @VojghiV the permission to use your ice for Elite Addons ? If so I think about updating the DEL ice to the new template cause I really like it, if you're fine of using the template.
  18. Boston Bruins: There is no logo after IBEW Local 103: You see in 0:24 in this video (I know I'm very nitpicky)
  19. @jcnynr7: A minor thing: The shovel in the Digalert ad on Ducks ice is in red color: 0:56/8:43
  20. @jcnyr7: I like all the effort you put into doing the NHL ices, updating the template, checking the right logos. I had not so much time to check them out, but if I notice that a logo need an update, I will post it here and thanks again for your hard work.
  21. Is there a cyber for Ivan Fedotov ? If someone have it I would appreciate if you could share it.
  22. No, I will do ices for SHL, but not for NHL (sorry), but never say never.