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  1. Hey, thank you! Don't know why your work shouldn't been wanted, every help is welcome and your masks look fantastic!
  2. Great work on this mask! I want to ask you if i can use your masks on our NHL goalie projekt over on wasserlasser.com? You will be named as co-author! https://wasserlasser.com/forum/index.php?thread/6831-nhl-goalies-2018-2019/&pageNo=1 I you want you may join us there!
  3. The Pittsburgh logo looks really cool. Will you do all the logos in this style? And great job on the jerseys, as always. Hope someone will doe the TORFs.
  4. This mask is my work i posted on wasserlasser. It is always disappointing when your work is used without giving credit. Also the cyber and pads aren't good. Take some more time on your own work and don't steal them from others!