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  1. Ahoj lidi, proč nemůžu nainstalovat brankářské masky z ničeho, bez ohledu na to, v jaké to je lize? Dělám všechno dobře, zkopíruji soubory do hry, spustím instalaci addonu a poté BH a ve hře mám stále masky bílé masky ? Viz. Jokerit , Hrubec a další Hello people Please, why can't I install goalkeeper masks out of nowhere, no matter what it the league? I'm doing everything right, I copy the files to the game, run the addon install and then BH, and I still have white mask masks in the game ? Jokerit mask , Hrubec and next...
  2. Mask is not in game, why?
  3. Hello, I want to ask you how you have the textures English, you do not have Czech or I'm good at the String, but I play in English with the dollar in front of the text. And do I still want to know if the coats should be gray? I do not know where the only mistake would be. Thank you for the answer and the patience.