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  1. I have faced with one issue happened during the installation of the NHL09 on windows 11. It seems that the game is installed, but I can't find a exhibition.exh file on my computer at all, precisely at MyDocuments where it should be normally. Can anyone help me please to solve this problem? Столкнулся с одной проблемой при установке НХЛ 09 на Windows 11. Вроде бы игра установлена, но после первого запуска игры , я нигде не могу найти файл exhibition.exh, а точнее в МоихДокументах где он и должен быть, по сути. Может кто-нибудь помочь пожалуйста?
  2. Hi, VojghiV! Help me please. when I've installed clean version of NHL 09 in documents I don't have a second file exhibition.exha.tdb that is why I have an error going into the game, when install your mode, but when I install your mode upon RHL 16, there are errors in a line of command and in the game Help please!
  3. Hi! I've a problem. When I put files into MY DOCUMENTS (NHL 09) and run the game (RHL 16) nothing is changed. Can you help me, please?