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  1. hello Andrei,please cyberface Jesse Virtanen(Kazan)and Veli-Matti Vitttasmaki(Traktor) thanks.
  2. hello sir, could i ask for cyberface Mikael Wikstrand, Miro Aaltonen and Bogdan Yakimov? thanks.
  3. hello, could i ask for an fsh file for Alex Frei? thanks.
  4. hello Max, could I ask for cyberface Sakari Manninen and Mikael Wikstrand (Kazan)? thanks.
  5. hello, shouldn't any of you cyberface Lukas Nahodil and Tomas Rachunek? thanks,.
  6. hello, I would like to ask where I could download the Sm-Liiga Vaasan Sport jerseys? thanks.
  7. hello, could I please ask for cyberface Jan-Mikael Jarvinen? thanks.
  8. hello, wouldn't anyone have a cyberface for Sakari Manninen (UFA) and Mikael Wikstrand (KAZAN)?thanks.
  9. but I need a program for that, right?
  10. hello. want to ask how do i get the cyberface Joachim Nermark into the game?