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  1. hello Sadovnik,could I please ask for cyberface Yevgeni Svechnikov?thanks.
  2. hello Sadovnik,could you please do some cyberface U20 (Finland and Sweden) thanks.
  3. hello Sadovnik, will you continue to create cyberface?

  4. hello Alex when will your cyberface be downloaded?thanks.
  5. hello sir, could i ask for cyberface for Alexei Bereglazov, Ilya Mikheyev and Mikael Wikstrand? thanks.
  6. hello Sadovnik, your cyberface are great, will you do any more?thanks.
  7. hello Alex, your cyberface will be downloaded.thanks.
  8. hello Alex, this is a download link?
  9. hello, super cyberface, will they be downloaded?
  10. miika koivisto sakari manninen hello Sadovnik, could I please ask for these two players (Finland) thanks.
  11. hello Sadovnik, cyberface Markus Schlacher can not be downloaded, could you please nazi again?  thanks.

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