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  1. Can you do upcoming All-Star Ice

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    2. seacrazy35


      No, The game is in San Jose this year. The logo has been released 

    3. Skyline_r341


      I'll do it when the pictures come up. Now there are only concepts of this ice.

    4. seacrazy35
  2. Hello VojghiV, I have been using your ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018 and ADDONS to play NHL seasons since you posted your files. I also played accouple seasons in the KHL,. My question is can you explain why there are 20 teams slots in the KHL but only 15 teams actually record stats towards the season W-L- OTL etc. the game picks 5 teams that don't play any games at all?  


  3. Hi Skyline_r341, Great work , But i'm having trouble getting the Vegas Ice to load. Per your instructions in the download, where do you rename the ICE_230? Do you use NHLView. I've tried to rename the Vegas team art in NHLView data identity art and in the Arena identity art  with  no success. Help

    Vegas Golden Knights1.png

    Vegas Golden Knights2.png

    1. Skyline_r341


      You just have to rename the file ICE_230. Where it is necessary to replace the 230 on the Art team VGK which You have registered in the roster. It can be viewed in the Data tab


    2. seacrazy35


      When I changed the DATA Identity ART from 180 to 230 it changes the Knights uniform to a blue uniform not the ice? 

    3. Skyline_r341


      It is necessary to change the Art of ice. For example ICE_230 change to ICE_180

  4. Can you give me some quick instructions on how to incorporate dds. files? would really like to have the Vegas ice. do you install using bigGUI. Thanks
  5. Hi Everyone, Just want to share this if you are having trouble Translating this site to English. If you use Google Chrome as you browser it will Translate to English automatically or you can right mouse click and a window will come up the will give you the option to Translate to English.