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Олимпийские формы 2022/Olympic jerseys 2022

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1 час назад, sadovnik77 сказал:

А где китайцы ? С таким регламентом Олимпиады и они могут чемпионами стать !!!


Они единственные, кто до сих пор форму не представили ??‍♂️

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Yes Rainer, I had to work hard to draw it, although I also had a lot of trouble with the San Jose Sharks pattern, but it's worth it... Alas, unfortunately some people do not understand how difficult it can sometimes be to draw, especially patterns or logos that are not anywhere.


Team Denmark Olympic Hockey Jerseys 2022
RHL16 2022-02-04 19-59-04-58.pngRHL16 2022-02-04 19-59-07-07.pngRHL16 2022-02-04 19-59-13-43.png
RHL16 2022-02-04 19-59-16-01.pngRHL16 2022-02-04 19-59-18-63.pngRHL16 2022-02-04 19-59-53-88.png

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