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  1. Hey Yuri, would you be willing make some NCAA fantasy masks for me? Augustana Vikings, Bentley Falcons, Canisius Golden Griffins, and Colorado College Tigers?
  2. @stlouis26 Do you have a blank international size ice texture you would be willing to share? I can just make my own...
  3. Ah I see. Thanks for the explanation.
  4. Also, did I miss something? Did the DEL convert all of it's arenas to NHL size?
  5. The answer is because I have all European teams in international format. No pressure. If you have the time, and feel like indulging me.
  6. Any chance we can get that in International size?
  7. Hello ZMaker, are you planning on creating Japan as well?
  8. That's what I had based those on. Thanks for the clarification Y&D.
  9. Here are my reworked 1984 Soviet uniforms. I also fixed the colors, I think it looks better with the true red. (Thanks to Y&D for help on the fix)
  10. I had seen both, I think one set was from the WC, and the other from the OG, I will make the OG next.
  11. I must have missed that, thank you Y&D that will be an easy fix
  12. Here are my USA uniforms from 1984, before someone else tries to take credit for my work.