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  1. С Днем Рождения!

    @Demoul Happy Birthday brother!!!
  2. Work's by Skyline_r341

    Will you be working on The Winter Classic ice next? just wondering...
  3. Player Indicators

    thank you!
  4. Player Indicators

    Is there a way to change/ remove the player indicators? I saw the mod awhile ago and can't seem to find it again. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hey how do I get the reshaders to work? I got everything else but cant figure out the shaders.

  6. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    LOL Brilliant!
  7. Jerseys NHL season 2017-18

    Thank you Kane... my man!
  8. Jerseys NHL season 2017-18

    Any Update to this? Just wondering...
  9. Minsk Arena 2017

    @Kane98 hey buddy I just did this yesterday and it works fine... hope this help and thanks again for the college mod!
  10. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    @VojghiV sweet brother.. thanks for all the work man!
  11. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    @VojghiV is the jersey update including the rest of the jerseys for AHL?
  12. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    @VojghiV sweet can't wait brother!
  13. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    hey @VojghiV are you gonna add the rest of the AHL jerseys from @Andrei4589?