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  1. Just go through the downloads section looking for things posted to the NHL09 section and like @VojghiV said ensure you have the right team ids when you install them.
  2. Would you be willing to share those schedules?
  3. You have to accept that there will only ever be 30 teams in the game. What I do is simply ignore the schedule. I'm good with just the teams and conferences being correct and up to date. I mean, really, we can't ask for more. Updated by @VojghiV this is better than even NHL20. So I just stay with the 2008-09 schedule from the original game because honestly, I don't think the attempts to modernise the schedule are of any consequence if you can't add the 31st team or reorganise the conferences to today's divisions. Up to you, of course.
  4. Unfortunately that can't be done because the Knights make creating the schedule very complicated. Removing that 31st team leaves teams playing all sorts of different numbers of games per season.
  5. Do you plan on releasing an add-on pack?
  6. Thank you so so so much! Best rosters for 09 that are out there. Do you think these will work with the different artwork on wasserlasser? Really, thank you again!!
  7. Ok, so I don't want to get too far off topic on this thread. In the end, knowing exactly where the team names and stadium names are in the audpbpe file is too complicated correct? There is no map?
  8. Yes, I understand that it is difficult pasting together audio clips to asssemble into new words. I'm an audio editor, I've done this kind of thing before. But what I need to know is what each asf file is in the pbp audio file.
  9. Ok. Thanks. I just wanted to find the team name and stadium name audio.
  10. Thank you!! Is there any chance at ALL that there's a map somewhere of each audio file? There's literally thousands.
  11. Can someone direct me to an application that would let me access the in game songs heard during stoppage of play and also the play by play audio files so I can do some editing? Thank you!!
  12. And thank YOU for all your efforts. We are a lucky community.
  13. I feel like there were gameplay packages people used to release that edited the aidata.viv. Does that sound correct to anyone?
  14. Were there ever any kind of files or external applications that controlled AI or mods that controlled game difficulty? I don't mean edits in NHLView, I mean an actual program that allowed you to tweak game physics, etc. Also, I used to use a program to set the different distances and angles for the camera views. Is that program still around somewhere? Thanks!
  15. Yeah, I hear ya. I'm not sure, but I'll try to do an update next time I'm in the Windows 7 part of my dualboot where I play 09.