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  1. I'm a little confused, been away from the site for a while.. Every file that used to be here is now in fewer zip files over on facebook? So I can be sure that I can get the last ones there? Then after that, is it still advised to start from scratch or can I just throw this stuff over my last version from March or so? Also, @DSgamby you had confirmed for me that the teams are in fact all mixed up between conferences, so is there a way to easily put them in the right conferences, maybe with NHLView or something? And do you know why were they mixed up to begin with?
  2. Ok ended up not needing any Compatibility as I thought. For whatever reason, that stock install I had wasn't working. Now does this mod have team ids in wrong conferences? I went to start a season test and teams were scattered between west and east.
  3. I don't need to have 09 set to anything, every other install works fine.
  4. When you set the difficulty, line changing, controller options, ...go... crash
  5. Ok. Getting crashes as game loads and can't figure out why. Strange. BHImport at the end, went folder by folder.. I may possibly need to try a fresh install. I had been keeping one like I always do called "backup" which always works for trying mods.
  6. Are the player portraits perhaps meant to not be there?
  7. Unless I'm missing it, the March release has lots of things I don't find in the latest 1.5 release. logos, the "others" content, the ices, etc. Maybe @VojghiV can you explain how the two releases differ? Is everything from March there but just in a different order? Thanks!
  8. Well, I have no idea, that's why I'm asking. That's my question.
  9. Ok, latest version: 0. ELITE ESSENTIALS files: 1. ELITE ROSTER files: 2. ELITE MENU files: 3. ELITE ARENAS files: 4. ELITE JERSEYS files: Version I have from March... 0. ELITE TOOLS files: 1. ELITE ROSTER files: 2. ELITE LOCALIZATION files: 3. ELITE INTERFACE files: 4. ELITE OTHERS files: 5. ELITE LOGOS files: 6. ELITE ARENAS files: 7. ELITE ICES files: That's what I meant: different files, different names. So again, how does this work? Is the one from the latest version all you need now? Or is the latest one an update to the one with more files, etc? How does it work? You must clearly see the difference.
  10. Meaning, my 0, 1, 2, 3 etc are named differently to the latest ones. Compare the March release and the latest and you'll see things are renamed and missing in the latest so I just wanted to know why.
  11. Bit confused about something, maybe someone can help.. I've got the release from March and its 7 components have different names than the ones available in the latest download. So, how does that work, do we only need the latest version because it has all the other stuff or is the latest 1.5 considered only an update to the previous releases?
  12. 1. Does anyone know if there is any mod that allow you to modify the running time of periods? So that you can go in between 5 and 10 minutes? 2. There was a tool for NHL08 that allowed you to set specific sliders and then make THOSE your defaults so you never lose them. It was also a way of sharing your slider set. My version doesn't work for me, it loads but crashes when you try to open the fmisc.viv. Is there another tool that does this?
  13. Just go through the downloads section looking for things posted to the NHL09 section and like @VojghiV said ensure you have the right team ids when you install them.
  14. Would you be willing to share those schedules?