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  1. Will your roster have the 2021-22 schedules? I normally play the NHL Dynasty mode and was wondering.
  2. Sure! I'll upload them tonight after I finish work
  3. Fortunately, I downloaded old schedules from what used to be The Breakaway Network forums before it was taken down. Schedules from the 2008-09 season till 2016-17 season before Vegas existed. Kinda cool that I kept them and planning to reused them for year 1 and beyond. Like you, I like it how the teams and conferences being set up this way and proper ages too =D
  4. It's really frustrating when that happens and teams don't play a full 82 games schedule especially the first year. Until then, I'll wait until for the schedules in the meantime.
  5. Awesome rosters as always since the ages are correct and real useful for dynasty mode. Are you planning to put the 2019-20 NHL Schedule for dynasty mode?