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  1. How you doing?

    I would love to download your Kings Jerseys but, it says I am not permitted to do so.  Are these a paid item?  If so, I want them and how do I pay you for them?  I love your work!  I will support you in whatever way you wish.  If its not possible because I am primarily on Wasserlasser and not Splinterice, I will understand.  I am a creator of (cybers, horns, chants, arenas, ices, boards, and NHL schedules).  Vojghi and I have worked together on the 2017 and 2018 Elite Roster by providing him with a new faces.viv (NHL Cybers from me and many other creators), and whatever I make, he always has my permission to use anything for free.  Many things over the years.  I do not know you in anyway but, I know many here on Splinterice as they are members as well on Wasserlasser.  Thank you for your time.  Let me know either way.

    Kings1132 also known as Kings1171


    1. Cobratin


      Write to Rainer https://splinterice.com/profile/20-stlouis26/ . Here, a subscription for a year is paid to use my works only for personal use. It is strictly forbidden to publish my files on other sites.



    2. Kings1132


      Oh absolutely only for my use on my game.  I know Rainer aka stlouis26.  Thank you.