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  1. Do you still update your ratings? Logan Cooley 0.54 PPG has a 69 rating and Lawson Crouse 0.52 PPG has a 74 rating
  2. Why I can't download? Do I need to pay?
  3. How is the progress, what are the next leagues you are going to update? Will you make all team rosters before end of season at least?
  4. Installed 1.4 roster, there are updated Czech teams but KHL All-Star teams back to 2018 rosters, can you fix it Vojghi?
  5. Hi Vojghi! I did everything precisely step by step, installed roster and addons, but when i opened the game, it froze and crashed, whats the problem?
  6. Jesper Boqvist in elite roster photo id is 1263, yours is 5067 ?
  7. Can you give us link for those new addons? On which doownload page are they?