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  1. Capitals new Alternate, you reversed the striping colors, its red inside, white outside for all, but beautiful job once it's done :)
  2. Hate to do it, but the Islanders away (white, you flipped the striping colors around. Should be blue top stripe, orange bottoms 😞
  3. Tony, can't download yet, be patient, he's still showing/creating it :)
  4. Vladimir amazing work...did you do the Sharks arm designs by hand, and did you also do Vegas arm patterns by hand?? Amazing AMAZING attention to detail, keep up the great works. Are you gonna release any of these kits??
  5. The link I sent is to the rangers official online shop(hop NHL.com also has em) and they are all authentic Adidas for sale. The font they're using is a custom Rangers/adidas...The uniform database might be off for this for some reason... 😞
  6. Arm stripes on Rangers are bright white, not silver/gray 😉 :) https://shop-msg.com/collections/adidas-reverse-retro-player-jerseys/products/rangers-reverse-retro-player-jersey-panarin-13
  7. Actually that Coyotes Alternate you fixed is actually their home for this season. The red one is now the alternate :) More these are all so awesome!!!!!!
  8. Phoenix's alternate is now their home uniform, and their old home is their alternate. Calgary's old home is also their new alternate. The Sabres Reverse retro has grey under bottom yellow stripes on bottom of unis like old red ones(they're also keeping the Gold Blue alt they used last year as Altenrate for 2 more seasons).Still no word on whether Coloroado is switching the home black numbers/letters to blue or burgandy 😞 Your crests are fantastic. Now THAT'S some attention to detail :) :)
  9. More please these are great!!! (Colorado has switched it's pants and gloves to the blue colour on the home sleeves for this season, as well the reverse retro pants are burgandy, not black 😉 ) Make more master Z!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Просмотреть файл 2010 McD Template McD and Danne 2010 Temp finally uploaded for the masses...enjoy. Temp and sock McD, mesh Danne Автор Jimbo66 Добавлен 24.12.2016 Категория Шаблоны и исходники Название на русском Название на русском: Шаблон McD
  11. Version 1.0.0


    McD and Danne 2010 Temp finally uploaded for the masses...enjoy. Temp and sock McD, mesh Danne