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  1. Sorry about that I answer so late, but I've been busy lately and I don't have any time and interest to make masks. It is possible that I will make some WCH 2016 goalies if I find some free time to work with that kind of project.
  2. Last World Cup 2004 goalie is ready. Ratislav Stana Slovakia
  3. Roberto Luongo Canada
  4. Some ingame photos
  5. Oliver Jonas Germany
  6. Roman Cechmanek Czech
  7. Ilya Bryzgalov Russia
  8. Kari Lehtonen Finland
  9. Maxim Sokolov Russia
  10. Маски же для вратарей делаешь а.

  11. Ты че разработываешь друг а.

  12. Это а маски не делаешь больше.

  13. Jan Lasak Slovakia
  14. Olaf Kolzig Germany Rick DiPietro USA
  15. Some new world cup textures and ingame photos. Ingame and textures: