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  1. Ok, cool to know that Hill is already done, so I won't start to make it. It would be great if Markström won't use any DaveArt masks with full of pointless effects. I really like that Calgary goalies tribute mask, even it's pretty busy looking.
  2. Adin hill is next
  3. Mackenzie Blackwood New Jersey Devils Yes, it's ok
  4. Of course you can use it. I'm working with Mackenzie Blackwoods mask right now, when it's ready you can use it too if you want.
  5. Jacob Markstrom Calgary Flames
  6. по чем продашь или дашь маску чм 21 а

  7. Reto Berra Switzerland
  8. Alexander Samonov Russia Ivan Bocharov Russia
  9. Cal Petersen USA
  10. Sounds great ? I will contact you when I need some mask photos
  11. I just edit those posts, and now textures should be available Sounds weird. I try to figure out and fix that problem.
  12. Jussi Olkinuora Finland
  13. Sorry about that I answer so late, but I've been busy lately and I don't have any time and interest to make masks. It is possible that I will make some WCH 2016 goalies if I find some free time to work with that kind of project.
  14. Last World Cup 2004 goalie is ready. Ratislav Stana Slovakia
  15. Roberto Luongo Canada