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  1. Masks from j4mpp4

    Can you reveal which goalies you are working on/have planned?
  2. hello Tyson, I want to ask if the players Juhani Tyrvainen, Petteri Lindbohm, Miika Koivisto and Sakari Manninen (Finland) have cyberface? thanks.

    1. Tyson12


      TBH, I don't know if they already have cyberfaces. I haven't created them, but a few cyber makers are working on IIHF cybers now, which is great :) 


  3. Work's by Demoul

    Those are old photos. NLA uses Keystone https://visual.keystone-sda.ch/web/guest UPDATE: Sorry, I thought we were doing the 18-19 jerseys now.
  4. Work's by Demoul

    That means the NLA project is complete, right? We never finished the Liiga project, though I will admit it's a huge task, I'm still ready to help out with research if need be :)
  5. Work's by Demoul

    Cool :) Yes, I've already collected most of the sponsors for Oskarshamn IK. About NLA 16 - which teams are missing? I totally lost track, but I'm ready to help.
  6. киберы IIHF

    Yes ;)
  7. киберы IIHF

  8. Work's by Demoul

    Ah, I see - my bad :) Do you need any photos of the embroidery?
  9. киберы IIHF

  10. Work's by Demoul

    What logos are missing? http://hokej.si/file/2018/09/SLO-HOKEJTV_Logo_Black-01-1024x580.png[/img]
  11. Work by Spidey and Zidane110

    Good to see you here @Spidey and @zidane110 too :)
  12. Addons by Tyson12

    Thanks! Tried to load the mask .png file - got an error. Just opened and saved with MSPaint to .bmp format. The program complains about geomdata.ini missing and notices it isn't important. Any idea what it's for?
  13. Addons by Tyson12

    Thanks a lot :) That's exactly what I meant - NFS Model Viewer - now I can test if the positioning is totally hopeless :D
  14. Addons by Tyson12

    Tried making a mask quickly, just for the sake of the challenge :) IIHF 2019 D1B - Patrik Polc (Romania) mask still needs a lot of work and haven't tested it in the 'mask preview' program (forgot the name). Used the template from zidane110 (thanks).
  15. Masks from j4mpp4

    Fantastic work! If you need a cyber for Bernard, feel free to use the one I made a few years ago.